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  1. So.. Why was Clash of Champions not a cross brand PPV? Figure with a name like that they'd have matches from the champs from both shows and give Raws PPV a different name..
  2. Didnt like the new camera angle on SD..
  3. Well.. the little crap town in sask I live in has zero pokestops.. no gyms etc.. so.. I had to do some against the rules stuff to get my pokeball count up so I could keep playing without running out of pokeballs eventually.
  4. Great.. now I have to go outside lol
  5. Ordered a new phone.. I live quite a ways from a store to pick up from... And normally they deliver via puralator.. but because of where I live it ends up getting dropped off with Canada Post. My main issue is I ordered the phone 15 days ago.. and hasnt even been shipped yet.. ugh.
  6. For me it takes some time to find someone worth watching.. Games they play have a big part of it... but its their personality and how they interact with viewers and what not. I generally watch streams with 50-200 people as chat generally isnt crazy. The way I can describe it.. A Magician picking someone from a crowd and having them involved in the act.. There are a lot of bland streams.. And 9 out of 10 times I cant stand watching female streamers.. Only reason they get popular is well.. because they're female and probably have a fairly big chest.
  7. Mine is empty.. So thats good.. And I even own an android phone.
  8. He comes back against Reigns.. he gets cheered and goes face.. Reigns gets tired of the boos.. goes heel..
  9. We have family in saskatoon.. and always have a full tank of gas If its raining in fort mac.. chances are it will rain here which will be good.. We tend to get the weather they get.
  10. suitcase with my clothes dumped in with my sons photo album ontop.. computer and xbox.. airsoft rifle.. thats about all I'll need.. lol.. Fire is also still 50 some Km away.. but things change fast as Fort Mac found out.
  11. So I live in La Loche.. the closest community to the fire in Saskatchewan.. Last night I took this photo.. at 6:50pm.. yea.. should not be this dark at nearly 7pm this time of year..
  12. World of Warplanes was garbage that is why no one plays it.. Try out World of Warships.. Quite fun once you learn. iChasegaming on youtube does videos on the game.. click the link and I directed you right to his tips and such playlist
  13. Son -> his grandma(Mothers side) -> her sister -> Daughter -> son(crit condition) Son -> Aunt(mothers side) -> Fiance -> Sister -> son(shooter)
  14. Something was going through his head.. From what I heard.. 2 of the people killed were his brothers. He shot them at their home before going to the school..
  15. And thank goodness La Loche is not one of those communities that only have 1-2.. They dont have a huge force.. but I'd say there are probably 3-4 driving around with 2 officers each.. some at the station some off duty.. Plus more officers up at the reserve. My main concern in the community is the response of the volunteer fire department.. Had some kids light an abandoned house right next to where I live on fire.. The fire station is just over a football fields distance away.. took them a half hour to respond.. Meanwhile the house was 10 feet from ours.. thankfully the wind was blowing away.