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  1. I can't stop laughing. It wouldn't even be funny if it was anyone else but Louie
  2. Stuff like this hurts the movement more than anything. If you really wanted racism taken seriously, you wouldn't be using it just as an excuse to act so self entitled.
  3. Feels like just yesterday that he was a rookie on the Canuck-killing Blackhawks team
  4. F***** Oilers building more of a lead over us
  5. LOL a week ago we were talking about who we were gonna face in the playoffs, now we're hanging on to a playoff spot by a thread. Just goes to show that no lead, whether in the standings or in a game, is ever safe with this team.
  6. We could easily be out a of a playoff spot a few days from now... Green better be starting Domingue and taking Eriksson out of the top 6 next game.
  7. 5-5.5 would be very ideal but he's a UFA so we're more than likely going to have to overpay just to keep him here. We're overpaying enough guys as is, I'd hate to see these contracts come back to bite us when we need to give massive raises to Petey and Quinn.
  8. I really really hope that JB has a plan in place to get Toffoli re-signed because borderline playoff team shouldn't be giving up a good prospect+2nd rounder for a rental imo
  9. He's actually suggesting that we bring Pronger out of retirement to put some fear into other teams before they think about touching Petey
  10. Draisaitl said that Rittich's celebration after the last shootout was "disrespectful"... The game needs some more of that emotion. Drais such a whiny baby, I just lost some respect for him.
  11. I'm not disagreeing but ouch we'd probably lead the league in most cap space spent on healthy scratches. Don't forget Benn has been scratched lately too.