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  1. His career high in points was 29pts in 2013-14 with the Canucks. I feel like Zack being a good player now has a lot to do with more realistic expectations for him to be a middle six forward instead of becoming the next Bertuzzi, which is what all Canucks fans expected out of him while he was here.
  2. Thanks. I actually had no idea what to make of his stats with all the bouncing around between leagues and understanding which league is equal to what level so this helped.
  3. We shouldn't even be having a game this close with a team like that, just no way. This should be 10-0. It's just embarrassing.
  4. You made this comparison just because of their names didn't you? Anyways, Jimothy Timothy is better than Timothy Jimothy
  5. Another fun fact: Oilers gave that 16th NYI used to pick Barzal for..... Griffin Reinhart
  6. Hate to see such promising players bust but it also warms my heart to see anything that makes the Oilers suffer more.
  7. I feel like he can still be a good addition if used properly. Problem in Buffalo is they completely overplay him. Remember how atrocious Edler's +/- and play was under Willie Desjardins?
  8. I'd obviously take Motte over Eriksson if we're taking their contracts into account but Motte is not a better player for LE at the moment.
  9. I'm proud of the fact that this is such a fun team to follow despite the lack of cups. We get ragged on a LOT by fans of other teams for having no cups but I feel like the majority of crap talking fans of the other teams weren't even alive to enjoy their last cup win and have just been watching their own teams be mediocre for the past decade. I couldn't give less of a crap about a team's history before I became a fan in 2003. We've had some absolutely dominant seasons and teams that were just a blast to watch that have left me with some awesome memories despite not winning a cup. I wouldn't trade those memories for cheering for a team with a "rich history" that hasn't had anything to be excited about for decades.
  10. Bold. I'm sure he'll have a solid rookie season but, like Heiskanen, way too many other flashier rookies will be ahead of him for the Calder if he even plays this season. Hughes, Makar, Kakko just to name a few.
  11. Sounds like our beloved Troy Stecher to me. We traded him away for nothing though so I guess we have to say something to make ourselves feel better.
  12. Man that 2011 defence was stackkked. No franchise guys but just about everyone there was a top pairing dman.
  13. Also can't pronounce Boeser. Doesn't seem like the brightest guy but at least he's a good hockey player.
  14. Liked him but he might be one concussion away from retiring. And like the other poster mentioned, he's pretty much exactly like Baerstchi.