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  1. To people saying Crouse is overrated just because he's not a flashy elite offensive player, he was always a considered to play a style that'd translate better to the NHL. Even though he'll never be a pt/g guy, I'm betting he'll at least be a solid 50 pt power forward.
  2. Could've been a decent third liner alongside Gaunce. Oh well, he isn't too hard to replace.
  3. Reality sucks but try actually comparing our team side by side with every other teams. We're on our way to drafting top 5 again unless everything goes right and best case scenario we barely make the playoffs to get swept right away. Our plan completely relies on Horvat, Boeser, Demko, and Juolevi becoming elite players a few years from now if we want to be competitive.
  4. Loui - 30 Daniel - 23 Horvat - 20 Baer - 18 Sutter - 18 Hansen - 16 Henrik - 15 Rodin - 14 Etem - 13 Jake - 10
  5. Was a shoulder to shoulder hit though
  6. Tried looking at this as a non-homer and I totally get why all the analysts are ripping Benning apart. The moves JBs been making don't show a clear direction. Some of his moves suggest we're trying to make the playoffs asap (Shink for Granlund, not trading for any picks at the deadline, signing a great but aging player in Eriksson), while our performance and play was nearly dead last in the league. These moves aren't good enough to make us competitive but might make us good enough to keep us away from a position to draft elite prospects. The "retool on the fly" approach is a bit unusual so Benning is gonna get some criticism for it. That said, I don't entirely disagree with JBs approach. The all out tanking approach has some teams stuck in an endless rebuild that I would hate to see happen to the Canucks.
  7. That was literally insane. Who even thinks of attempting crazy crap like that.
  8. I've always known Wideman as the guy who fell flat on his ass without getting his shot off on that shootout attempt. Now he'll be known as the ref abuser.
  9. I think everyone can agree that ANA is bottom 3. Flames wouldn't be as bad if they had nice shoulder patches instead of the completely out of place looking AB and Canada flags on each side. Top 5 for me is 1. Red Wings 2. Flyers 3. Sharks 4. New Panthers (don't care what you think, I like it) 5. Rangers
  10. If we get a Hall type of deal then of course but other teams don't really see his value so I doubt it can happen. Tanev is probably one of the most underrated Dman in the league, we're the only ones who value him so highly because we watch him all the time but looking at his undrafted status and numbers alone, I can't see him bringing back a big return.
  11. At this point he's an expensive 3rd/4th liner and leader but we're keeping him out of respect for all he's done for us over the years.
  12. I'd take him if the Sabres are desperate to get rid of him for a low price. He's definitely been an idiot but you'd have to think that by now he's at least trying to be more mature after all he's been through.
  13. I'd give him a C. He's made some decent moves but some of his headscratchers even it out a bit. I realize some of these moves are too early to judge but based on my own predictions: Good: - Baertschi is looking good. - Big fan of the Juolevi pick even though everyone else wanted Tkachuk. - Eriksson signing gives us some hope for next season. - Has managed to draft some prospects with 20th or higher picks that already look like guaranteed NHLers like Demko, Boeser, Tryamkin, and McCann. Not bad considering the number of NHL regulars we've drafted from post lockout until 2013 is pathetic. Even: - Gudbranson for McCann+2nd. Hefty price but neither team lost this trade, we both got decent returns that fit our needs. - Bonino for Sutter. Bonino was not impressive at all with us here so even with his recent performance at the SCF, I wouldn't regret trading him. Sutter is a slight upgrade but expensive for the limited offence he can bring. - Kass for Prust. Neither lasted a year with the teams they were traded to LOL - Everything else I didn't put in Good or Bad goes here. Bad: - Miller signing. Expensive, old, past his prime. Not sure what he brings other than leadership for Markstrom but the term was too long. Markstrom should've taken over last season, hopefully he does upcoming season. Would've preferred the Lack/Markstrom tandem. - Dorsett is way overpaid, it wouldn't be too hard to find a similar player on the FA market for half his salary. - Sbisa is overpaid for such a mistake prone defenceman. - Shinkaruk for Granlund. Traded potential for lower potential and further along in development even though we aren't making the playoffs any time soon. - Got absolutely nothing for Vrbata and Hamhuis at the deadline in a season we had no chance of competing. - Gonna get some hate for this. Virtanen was the wrong pick at 6th. I sure hope he proves me wrong but I'm pretty confident that Ehlers and/or Nylander are and will be MUCH more valuable players than Virtanen. You can make the hindsight argument all you want but all the warning signs were there in Virtanen's scouting reports at the time and it was well known that Ehlers and Nylander had some elite level talent despite their minor size disadvantage which is hardly slowing down small forwards in the NHL nowadays. I don't doubt that Virtanen can be valuable but realistically I see him becoming a cleaner Raffi Torres, not bad but not someone you'd use such a high pick on.
  14. Hopefully long enough. We don't really have anyone in the system that looks like a future 1st line forward right now other than Boeser.