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  1. Better late than never but it's still frustrating to see how long it took to realize that we had to do this, especially when the 13/14 season we finished 25th under Torts was a VERY clear signal to start a real rebuild. We'd have an elite franchise player to build around right now if management wasn't so delusional for almost 4 years.
  2. Besides this past trade deadline, everything Benning has done has been more of a half assed "re-tool" than a rebuild. Within the past year, Benning did just sign Loui Eriksson and trade McCann+high 2nd rounder for Gudbranson. Are those things that a team fully committed to a rebuild would do?
  3. Are we seriously speculating on how a player's goal celebration affects their development?
  4. No sht players don't tank intentionally. No one ever asked or expected players to lose games on purpose. We just want management to prioritize the future over desperately squeezing some wins out of a weak team. When someone suggests we tank, they expect our GM to stay away from older FAs like Miller, Vrbata, and LE, who will only be good enough to barely keep your team from the very bottom, and focus on stocking up on high picks and prospects instead. While Bennings done better recently with those prospect additions at the deadline, this should've started as soon as he stepped in.
  5. Even though I really liked Tryamkin, some of you definitely overate him. No, I'm not saying this because he just left us but some of you guys sounded pretty ridiculous with the constant Chara comparisons. I realistically saw him peaking as a defensively solid top 4 dman with about 25 point potential. Still a huge blow to our defence to lose him but he was NOT going to be a future Norris winning Chara type of defenceman like half the CDC likes to think.
  6. Get your sht together Sharks, just awful
  7. Agreed. People like to blame Gillis for not beginning a rebuild immediately 1-2 years after we went to the finals but why would he start that early when the team was still performing well (at least during the reg season). Can't blame him for giving it a few more tries but the end of the 13/14 season when we finished 25th was a VERY clear signal to start a rebuild and I felt like even Gillis knew that and was going to begin right before he got fired. Unfortunately, Aqua brought in a new GM to force this team to squeak into the playoffs so the rebuild was delayed until pretty much this past trade deadline when JB finally gave up some key players for the future of this team, something we needed to start doing immediately after that Torts season.
  8. I might agree if we used a 1st rounder on him but I don't see anything wrong with taking a chance with a 3rd rounder if they look promising enough.
  9. Half of this team's toughness just left for Russia.
  10. Ouch. The only positive coming out of this is that we'll tank even harder next year to finish last... and still probably end up with 4th pick
  11. No ****ing way. Our already below average defence just got a whole lot crappier
  12. Imagine how this guy talks about Edler off the air.
  13. With that impressive trajectory from Pu, someone's gonna get hit for sure.
  14. Nailed it. Kassian should've been told to be the best player he could be, even if that meant contributing what he could from the bottom six and praised for it. Management wanted the most out of that 10th pick we used on Hodgson and traded away so he was under constant pressure here to be a top line PWF and constantly criticized because he couldn't be that. Unfortunately, we're seeing a ton of similarity with Virtanen now. He was the highest pick we've had in a long time so everyone wants him to be the next Bert when he really shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence. Management and fans will never be satisfied with Jake if they're seriously expecting him to become the next elite PWF and it's destroying his confidence. At this point, we just need Jake to focus on contributing what he can, even if that's just throwing his weight around on the third line. It's obvious that he's been far less physical this year, probably because he's being told and under pressure to focus on becoming a goal scorer instead when that isn't really the type of player he is. If he can chip in some goals here and there, then great, but it's clearly his physicality that'll make him a useful NHLer.
  15. He couldn't live up to our high expectations but he was still a decent player for us. He was young and averaged a 15 goals/season pace with third line minutes while providing size and toughness. Prust was an overpaid washed up old goon who could only fight. I honestly don't see what Benning saw in him but he came exactly as advertised. If Benning thought that his partying ways would negatively affect the team and had to get rid of him asap, then fair enough, but there's no excuse to think that Prust over Kassian would've made our team better.