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  1. Oh yea well Jake lost weight
  2. Or pretty much almost any other player in that first round besides Virtanen, what a draft this is turning out to be.
  3. Heh where are the posters at beginning of this season trying to argue with me that the Canucks have a stronger team and even better prospects/young players than the Leafs? Glad we got big strong Virtanen instead of those soft ineffective Marners and Nylanders eh?
  4. Don't forget our 2006 2nd rounder for legendary Canucks goalie, Mika Noronen... he won a total of 1 game for us
  5. Never had much hockey IQ to start with so many considered him a pretty high risk pick while we still had some guys with high end skill to pick from. To me, at least, the pick was easily narrowed down to 2 players for us to choose from.. I don't think I need to specify which guys since it was pretty obvious.
  6. Pretty dumb way to look at it. Besides some of the real head-scratchers like the Virtanen and White pick, it's hard to blame JB and our previous GMs for most of those picks.
  7. Guy has 11 pts in 44gp and second worst +/- in Utica. I'd be happy if he manages to just play like a top 6 guy in the AHL next year.
  8. ?? Watched it a few times and he definitely went all out trying to knock the ref out.
  9. Could have been better if Edler and/or Miller were traded too but I'm still satisfied with what was done.
  10. Feels nice to have more young forwards to get excited about besides Boeser and Gaudette
  11. Can't believe I'm saying this, but good job Benning
  12. I can get by with missing out on Pastrnak, I mean he slipped by everyone down to 25th, even Boston probably didn't predict he'd be this good. Taking Virtanen while it should have been a no-brainer to pick between Nylander or Ehlers however... thinking about that one hurts every time.
  13. It's really hard to get excited about Jake when the only positive sign he's showing is the fact that he's only a -2 and not too much of a liability in the AHL. edit: I just checked, really wish I didn't, and he's sitting at -8 (4th worst on Utica) so I'm not even sure if we can count his +/- as a positive thing anymore.
  14. Just my opinion but the player discussion and prospects sub forums might as well be one combined sub forum. Any time a player gets sent up or down, we'll just end up having separate discussions on the same topic in separate threads. And with each player only getting one topic, is it really necessary to divide the small number of topics into different sub forums?
  15. Not sure why there were two huge threads on the exact same topic open for that long anyways