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  1. Should experiment with Virtanen on the point for our PP. His shot is probably one of the hardest on the team.
  2. Beautiful shot. I'm not even mad
  3. It was a real toss up. Plenty of analysts had Sergachev ahead. A few even had Chychrun as the top defenceman.
  4. Sergachev just had a 2 goal game. Strong wave of rookies this year so Brocks gonna really have to work for it.
  5. I'm pretty hard on our scouts/management about some of our high draft picks (not gonna name any names here) but I can hardly blame them for picking Hodgson. He dominated in junior and probably would've been a great NHLer without the off-ice issues and this medical condition that no one could've predicted.
  6. I'm starting to get scared of how good he is and how quickly it's happening. What if he goes Draisaitl on us and demands 8mil+?? Still not used to this feeling of having such an exciting young player.
  7. Possibly the worst contract in the league right now. Seriously, can somebody show us a crappier contract to make us feel better? I'm just glad we're still in a rebuild right now so we don't desperately need that cap space YET.
  8. Odd that JB went with those picks that would take longer to develop when he evidently wants a "speeded up" rebuild where he trades prospects and picks for players a bit further along in development.
  9. We have the perfect goaltending duo for a tank season right now so I'd rather keep it that way.
  10. Does anyone keep track of our all time games missed due to injuries? Think Edlers gotta be up there alongside Sami Salo by now.
  11. - Jim Benning
  12. We're a team with nothing to lose and able to take on project players so I was hoping we'd give him a try. Worst case scenario would've been waiving a guy with a 1 year <1mil contract
  13. Bringing "the system" into this opens up a whole different topic. You're talking about your experience with this particular doctor, while half the people in here are debating our single payer health care system.
  14. No, he didn't. He made that fake "apology" to try and save a bit of face while he still could but you could tell he genuinely meant what he said about Lin's dreads in the first place.
  15. Looks like Green actually will be spreading the ice time. Makes sense considering we basically have two 2nd lines and two 3rd lines.