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  1. Bo 55 Brock 48 Henrik 47 Daniel 45 Gagner 40 Baer 39 Louie 35 Granlund 35 Sutter 32 Stecher 28
  2. A couple posters here who still believe that Virtanen is the next Neely still wouldn't make that trade. LOL ohh CDC
  3. He seems to love that play where he draws everyone in by skating towards the net looking like he's about to shoot but does a quick no-look pass to a wide open teammate.
  4. Definitely Hortankin
  5. Might have the skill and IQ to keep up in the NHL right now but he'll snap in half if an NHL sized defenceman decides to lay him out.
  6. Lemme join in on this Leafs hate circle jerk. He'll provide the type of leadership that got him stripped of the C and then the A. Seriously, how did a guy so devoted the club, and arguably their greatest player of all time, not even have an A on his jersey in the last few years? Marleau a locker room cancer. Confirmed.
  7. I can't even tell if he just knows about his reputation at this point and he's just messing with everyone or if he's just a genuinely weird ass guy
  8. For sure. We're gonna pull a Kassian on him and run him out of town if we keep trying to bring his name up in the the same sentence as Bertuzzi and saying he's going to score 20 goals soon. He just barely cracked 20 pts in the AHL 3 years after being drafted, where is he going to pull out 20 NHL goals/season from?? Let's just give him some realistic expectations instead of constantly comparing him to the greatest PWF this franchise has ever had. It's been explained many times why the Bertuzzi comparison is completely flawed so people need to stop bringing up that up.
  9. Why not? It's a 6 rounder. Love these risky late round picks that everyone else underestimates. This is how Calgary snagged Johnny
  10. Agreed. The end of that disastrous Torterella season was a clear sign for this club to begin a rebuild and the following two drafts had some generational/elite talent at the top of the draft. Torts, the man who coached the team himself, straight up said that the core we were clinging onto was done. Bennings first two years really delayed our rebuild at the worst possible time. I want to be optimistic but we're realistically just on track to become a playoff bubble team that MIGHT make one miracle run like the Preds or Devils a few years ago.
  11. It really is insanely far fetched to suggest they'd even try that. What kind of morals would everyone involved in something like that have to have? They aren't going to conspire to ruin some poor kid's hockey career just to possibly gain a slight upper hand on one other team down the road. And think about the risks involved in pulling off something like that if any word of it even got out. Anyone involved in that would probably be banned from the NHL/CHL for life. You're digging wayyy too hard to find excuses.
  12. Yea Calgary definitely got jealous of us drafting Bertuzzi 2.0 so they had to pull some strings to ruin Jake's development... Seriously, the excuses are getting more and more ridiculous
  13. I'm usually extremely critical of Benning but I'll admit he's been making good moves since the trade deadline. Hopefully he keeps this up throughout the draft and off season.
  14. Clicked on this thread to see which Canuck Hortankin was going to outrageously overrate today. Was not disappointed.
  15. Virtanen hitting on everyone's girlfriend, confirmed.