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  1. Congrats Bo on making WHC Team Canada

    He'll be a staple on that team for many years to come
  2. YES!! Would love to watch the Oilers suffer through another one of Chiarelli's brutal blockbuster trades.
  3. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Even if everything goes perfectly for our top line, our defence and goaltending are still near the bottom of the league.
  4. 1st and 2nd choice: Louie Eriksson
  5. NHLPA approves new draft lottery odds proposed by NHL

    IMO 31st 30%, 30th 20%, 29th 15%, and just steadily decrease odds from there.... oh yeah and the Oilers aren't allowed to pick top 5 for another decade.
  6. hey he did manage to fetch us some future considerations
  7. name of last nights anthem singer?

    Anyone have her address by any chance? Asking for a friend
  8. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    For those head fakes when he dangles
  9. I feel like Benning just completely ignores the central scouting ranks and has his own way of ranking. If it makes you feel any better, even though we ended up with Virtanen and OJ, Benning's way of picking is what got us Brock and Elias. If he'd just gone with the mainstream scouting views, we'd probably have Ehlers or Nylander and Tkachuk but definitely not Brock and Elias.
  10. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Jake is third on the Canucks for goals among forwards who aren't injured. Therefore, he is now a 1st line forward. WHERE THE HATERS AT?!?
  11. canucks real problem

    We also have a huge problem with scoring, goaltending, grit, winning games, and playing hockey.
  12. Tanev, by far our best d-man, is only healthy for half the season. Edler and MDZ are the next best two and they're mediocre. The rest of our defencemen are borderline NHLers who could be healthy scratches on other teams. Realistically, Juolevi is the only defence prospect we have that might be and NHLer. There aren't a lot of other teams in a worse state than us on defence.
  13. Uhhhh our defence is absolutely pathetic and we trade one of our best prospects on defence for a bottom 6 forward?
  14. Hockey Player Named Cole

    Why isn't anyone talking about Kole Lind?