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  1. Brown went 13th OA in the 2003 draft, you don't get drafted that high in the best draft of all time without some decent skills. We'll be lucky if Jake becomes half the player Brown (in his prime) was.
  2. We have the Sedins, while not quite as good as those mentioned, who are still capable of being good linemates but he still couldn't earn a spot on that line, let alone stay on the roster, despite being on an offensively pathetic team with several AHL forwards in the lineup. If he couldn't crack the Canucks forward lineup, he realistically wouldn't be earning a spot on the top line of any of those other three teams. Good players earn their ice time. We can't just gift it to a guy who clearly had entitlement issues. He just spent an entire year, 3 years after being drafted, only to "get it" and finally comprehend the fact that he's supposed to work hard for a spot in the NHL.
  3. Really hoping that win ignites Edler's motivation to win again. He's become one of the most selfish and unmotivated players on this team. Used to be a huge fan of him and even bought his jersey, now I can't even wear it around without my friends chirping me.
  4. Of course not. Don't you know that "soft" players who don't hit completely disappear in important games? Nylander only has 4pts/6 NHL playoff games as a rookie and a tournament MVP. Too soft and useless. Pass.
  5. Nashville's forwards might be kind of meh but they've got an insanely stacked defensive core of Subban, Josi, Ellis, and Ekholm. 2 elite defenceman and Ellis/Ekholm would be a top pairing on most other teams, we aren't going to just stumble upon that level of talent for our blue line anytime soon.
  6. "Ehlers and Nylander? Doubt they can throw their weight around in the AHL and show some North American heart like my boy Jake" -Jim Benning probably
  7. Maybe not the best example since that is pretty debatable.
  8. He's a 22 year old who just finished 4th in goals by AHL defencemen. He's clearly got some offensive instinct. Considering he's worth a 6th, I wouldn't even bother trading him if at worst, he'd be a Yannick Weber we can call up for the PP in case of injuries. We let Weber have a shot at forward and so did SJ with Burns. I understand that the odds are stacked against him but we're a rebuilding team, we can afford to take a chance and give some ice time for a couple games to try it. We've done a lot more useless things with our ice time *cough* Megna *cough*. Hell, half of our team is made up of project players that other teams didn't want to waste more time on like Baerstchi, Granlund, Chaput, and Boucher. Some work out, some don't. If we "wasted" our time with those guys, I don't see how a couple games with Subban could hurt.
  9. If he still can't figure out how to play defence after another season, perhaps consider converting him to foreward? Our team is so bad right now, I don't see how it could hurt to try something like that.
  10. LOL. Certainly hope not but that's hilarious
  11. Posters in this thread are hilarious. They honestly think Tanev would fetch us Nylander AND a 2nd. I really doubt they'd even want to give up Nylander alone for Tanev. If Benning pulls that off, then bravo
  12. Passing up on a potentially better player just because we currently need a RHD more than a LHD would be a terrible mistake. Our prospect realistically isn't going to start contributing to the team for another year or 2 when our team might have some different needs. We need to start drafting the prospect who's most likely to pan out (BPA) rather than positional needs or else this rebuild is going to take ages with our mispicks.
  13. As long as he doesn't sign with the Oilers.
  14. Probably because we were in a more likely position to really draft Nylander and Ehlers than NY and CAL despite picking after them. If you followed the draft that year, the top 5 prospects were considered a tier above all the others and any GM picking someone besides those top 5 would've been considered insane at the time. In a way, we were blessed by not getting 5th pick or JB would've taken Dal Colle for sure and no one would blame him. Unfortunately, we didn't make the best choice out of the the "2nd tier" of prospects we could've picked from. I'm hoping that our crappy lottery luck this year is another blessing to help us avoid the top two consensus picks who might not pan out(I know it's unlikely but we gotta cope with it somehow), much like Yakupov and Murray, but we take an impact player this time.
  15. Epic meltdown. Hope this destroys their confidence enough to lose ot and the next game.