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  1. couldn't agree with this topic anymore. As a season ticket holder I hate the music in the building. everything is dance music and NOTHING you can sing along too. And I hate U2. I want a good loud goal song that you can chant too. Was just in Montreal on Saturday, now that's a goal song. Place would go insane when they played it
  2. My updated list 02-03 white Linden 03-04 navy Linden 03-04 navy May 03-04 alt Hedberg 05-06 navy Linden 06-07 white Linden 07-08 white Morrison 07-08 blue Linden 08-09 white Raymond 09-10 blue Salo 10-11 third Raymond 12-13 blue Bieksa
  3. 2013 update Trevor Linden 03-04 white preseason Trevor Linden 03-04 Navy set 1 Trevor Linden 06-07 white set 1 Kevin Bieksa 06-07 white set 3 Mason Raymon 08-09 white set 3 Sami Salo 09-10 blue set 1 Jeff Tambellini 10-11 blue set 1
  4. Which linden? I have a white and dark from the orca years. Been looking for a skate one. Pictures?
  5. Does anybody have a game worn FELIX POTVIN Canucks jersey? Been looking for one for a long time
  6. UPDATE since I started this topic my collection has changed. I now have game worn white 05-06 Trevor Linden game worn 03-04 dark Trevor Linden game worn 03-04 white brad May game worn 10-11 blue Sami Salo game worn 06-07 white Kevin Bieksa game worn 09-10 white Mason Raymond
  7. sorry i tried to post pics but it didnt work lol
  8. hey guys, I have 2 gamers, though Id see what you guys have out there. here is my Mason raymond 2009 playoffs jersey, lots of good wear and have it photomatched. As well my Matt Cooke 2001 jersey. this one has tons of wear.