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  1. Just got power back in southern Richmond.
  2. Felt it all the way in southern Richmond, albeit very slightly. I thought I was dizzy for a moment.
  3. I think it's supposed to be the FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU face, but they morphed it into something else.
  4. So proud to be a Clan member right now. So full of win.
  5. Should I pull the tempting.
  6. Anybody going to watch the semi-finals in just over 4 hours? Some pretty good match-ups; Djokovic v. Federer AND Nadal v. Murray...
  7. Thunder and lightning x 2 here in Richmond! It came out of nowhere too.
  8. Anybody know if Yahoo is going to have a playoff pool?...if not, is there another site that can have live drafts like the ones that Yahoo has?
  9. I just recently became a UFC fan, so haven't been following it as tightly as some others. Was GSP this dominant against a fighter like Rua when he was 23? I mean, this was almost complete domination by Jones. It wasn't even close.
  10. Those were absolutely vicious punches and elbows, and Shogun's eye was all bloated up. No doubter, that's for sure. Jones' next opponent is his training partner Sugar Rashad, which will definitely be interesting. Calling Jones' win right here. That guy is just too tall, too much reach and too good for Rashad, IMO.
  11. HOLY MOTHER!!!
  12. Shogun's getting his lunch handed to him right now. He just can't seem to get past the long reach of Jones.
  13. Shogun looks shaken. Jones looks good out of the gates.
  14. :facepalm:
  15. Wow, great find. I would +1 you if I had any left for today... Just crazy images. Incomprehensible.