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  1. OMG Windy?

    Just got power back in southern Richmond.
  2. OMG Earthquake?

    Felt it all the way in southern Richmond, albeit very slightly. I thought I was dizzy for a moment.
  3. The Blazers thread [WHL]

    Just FYI, the entire first round between Kamloops and Victoria will be shown on Shaw TV.
  4. The Blazers thread [WHL]

    Late post, but I'm definitely glad I went to the Giants/Blazers game on Tuesday at Pacific Coliseum. Absolutely jampacked, and was a great game at that. Wasn't expecting much from the Giants as Gallagher, Tvrdon and Musil were all away at the WJC, but Kuvaev looked good. There was a fan from Kamloops who was providing constant colourful commentary and trashtalking throughout the game. Great to hear a different perspective, none of which included any profanity. I was in Section B, near the top btw!
  5. How I Met Your Mother

    ^ LOL so true!
  6. OMG Snow?

    I think it's supposed to be the FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU face, but they morphed it into something else.
  7. OMG Snow?

    So proud to be a Clan member right now. So full of win.
  8. How I Met Your Mother

    I agree, but I think BBT is losing its storyline a bit. HIMYM definitely has a storyline going.
  9. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    Should I pull the tempting.
  10. [Official] NBA Thread

    Not my gif, but what in the world is the Matrix doing? Still one of my favourite players:
  11. Tennis

    Anybody going to watch the semi-finals in just over 4 hours? Some pretty good match-ups; Djokovic v. Federer AND Nadal v. Murray...
  12. [Official] NBA Thread

    WHAT A COMEBACK! Never cheered so hard for any NBA team.
  13. How I Met Your Mother

    Fantastic episode. That argument scene with all the different bar names was amazing. I really wonder how many takes it took to get all of that right. Confused the crap out of me. Love the teaser too; looking forward to the next episode.
  14. OMG Thunder?

    Thunder and lightning x 2 here in Richmond! It came out of nowhere too.
  15. How I Met Your Mother

    After the emotional scene with Barney and his dad the episode prior, it did feel like a letdown with this episode. Storyline was decent, but nothing compared to what was laid out the episode prior.