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  1. So I am no-prestige level 61 (I think). I use Harrier, and set my mind to get a harrier which will likely lead to my Chopper Gunner (pending map and my spot I run to for protection etc..) once I call in my chopper gunner (often use cold-blooded ) I always play with either Predator, Harrier, Chopper Gunner or Harrier, Chopper Gunner, Nuke if I am playing with my friend to cover my back when I am in the chopper gunner. Although, I don't like the "being left on ground once controlling" a chopper gunner. I understand your using a computer (how you keep it with you and have kill streaks to enable it, I don't know.. but it's apart of life [in the game]. For prestige, I do like the idea of some of the titles you can get as well as the titles and emblems you keep.
  2. Just got my 21 kill streak, going 23 kills, 2 assists, 2 death!!!
  3. When I want to try for a nuke (Domination most likely) Harrier, Chopper Gunner, Tactical Nuke otherwhise Predator, Harrier, Chopper Gunner or if I'm really bored Predator, Emergency air drop, chopper gunner
  4. Do we want a CDC NHL10 player-sim ?

  5. happy birthday!! :P

  6. yeh i know the hands are choppy but there hard for me
  7. how is it extremely choppy... check the picture i used to render :S
  8. it was a wierd pic so i had to save it as a different colour but any comments on the actual render not background?
  9. Milan Lucic 1st render on gimp for over a year :S i know bad but meh
  10. nah, im just gunna go keep pristiging till i get a different game that i'll play alot (GOW2 + COD 5 or watever)

  11. I would have done the same!

    So u trying to get to tenth prestige?

    It may take me awhile I got the red rings

  12. i lost gold drag + gold shotty :P

    Just got to bored of being lvl 55 lol.

  13. I see you prestiged! and lost you gold drag! why?

  14. okay guys its summer downloaded new GIMP so im back in rendering but im not as good as TDW and company but willing to take requests?