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  1. 11 points in 17 games in his rookie year. Not bad at all. People need to give Grabner time to develop and adjust. I agree with you that Samuelsson and Demitra should be on the team over Grabner, but that doesn't mean it's the "end of the line" for Grabner. Far from it.
  2. Happy Birthday Jesus!

  3. that's crazy... they must have joined many-a-moon ago

  4. haha, not really a user on here (TDW) has 20,000+ posts :o


    you've got a looot of posts for a lurker.

  6. haha yeah...what happened to Top Gear Dog? i'd love to have the Stig as a pet lol.

  7. Captain Slow for me. He has a cat(!)

  8. you're most welcome :] and yeah, i have comments set to pre-approved :P

  9. Thanks for the birthday wishes TDW. You're a champ ;)

  10. Thanks for the birthday wishes man! Sorry it took a while to get back to you :P

  11. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Sorry the reply took so long xD