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  1. 11 points in 17 games in his rookie year. Not bad at all. People need to give Grabner time to develop and adjust. I agree with you that Samuelsson and Demitra should be on the team over Grabner, but that doesn't mean it's the "end of the line" for Grabner. Far from it.
  2. Happy Birthday Jesus!

  3. Who should I start today? Kopitar (playing Edmonton) Malkin (playing Montreal) Stamkos (playing Toronto) I'm leaning towards Kopitar and Stamkos.
  4. Less Cute - Say Anything
  5. Well, my friend just screwed me over big time. Kopitar Jokinen or Roy?
  6. So I'm split between drafting Parise Heatley Carter Any thoughts?
  7. Here's to Oudin beating Petrova! Petrova did have a lot of unforced errors though.
  8. Moshka - Caspian
  9. Southern Point - Grizzly Bear
  10. Arcade Fire - Intervention
  11. They can never quite kill me. And I use a Canon EOS 40D as my digital SLR and a Miranda KV, Holga 120N for film (no film will be on flickr though because my scanner is crap). The lens I use the most with the 40D is my f/2.8 70-200 IS USM L. Yo yo, too legit to quit I have a question though. Why did they do this whole showcase forum dealy? I do not like.
  12. Nicely exposed, I like the use of tree trunks to lead the eye into the frame. most stuff still sits on my hard drive, but there's some stuff there.