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  1. goals,goals...from who?

    I am guessing the op wrote it perhaps. Regardless it makes no sense
  2. Would you touch the Stanley Cup?!

    This is a great movie...… you can find it on You Tube
  3. Would you touch the Stanley Cup?!

    I think if you believe in curses on a trophy you have far bigger problems and should get that figured out.
  4. The BC Real Estate Discussion Thread

    Lower Mainland real estate 'refugees' head to Vancouver Island for better home values, quality of life
  5. Donald J. Trump, 45th US President of the United States

    Sounds like you have one also, I despise Trump but calling his wife a pin up girl makes you fit right in with the Trump cult.
  6. The Workout Thread

  7. The Workout Thread Reviewed by Alan Aragon (FB, Researchgate, Research Review) Brad Dieter (FB, Researchgate, Science Driven
  8. Current Untouchables?

    No one is. Unless you would not take back McDavid in a trade
  9. The Travel Thread

    Bermuda a few times....but I have a friend who lives there that I graduated with .
  10. Hollywood sucks these days

    While I could go on a rant about their extreme liberal and SJW hypocrisy you liked movies over 15 years ago with the same views?
  11. YouTube Thread 2.0

  12. The Workout Thread

    If it suits how you like to eat go for it. It isn't magical just another way to distribute your calories. I have tried it but it didn't suit my family and social life.
  13. Relationship Problem

    Well I am attracted to women.
  14. Relationship Problem

    1 - You are putting yourself in a horrible position ,,,you are this young woman's boss. The optics do not look good and if something was to go wrong she could come after you claiming something happened .... made advances on her etc......not a good idea. 2 - I would also like to know how old you are and how old she is. 3 - You and your girlfriend have bigger issues than this one event. Trust and honesty being 1-2 4 - I am old like Alf (almost 60)...and have been in pretty much every type of relationship that one can imagine. 5 - I wish I had a dollar(make that 1 million) for every relationship problem I have had.