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  1. No, they leave them up.
  2. Anyone surprised by this voting result, I don't really know what to tell you. Everyone report by analysts had it going this way before the vote even happened. I mean, Makar on paper looks pretty damn good beside Hughes. It could have gone either way. To a lot of voters, I'd assume that the numbers do most of the talking, especially east coasters who don't watch a ton of Avs/Canucks games. Makar had more goals in less games, and a higher points per game. While we all would have loved a deep dive by the voters into why Hughes should have been voted over Makar, it just wasn't going to happen. It could have gone both ways and we should be happy that Hughes had 53 1st place votes.....that's more than I expected from the vote.
  3. Tbh that's a great list of features they added. I'm excited for it. Also, damn, I'm actually surprised at those added stats at the bottom. Penalty kill clears? Penalties drawn? Those are some awesome stats to scout EASHL players with, or just keep track of your own guy. Never would have expected they would add those. I'm just curious how accurate those stats will be.
  4. Talk about penalty calls and everything else all you want, but the Canucks had their chances to seal this game. Up 3-2, they had 2 PPs where they generated little to no offense. Then there was that point blank Virtanen chance later on as well, on top of Gaudette missing more than a few. Like JT said in the post-game, they just gotta focus on next game. Take it one game at a time. It's a steep, uphill battle from here on out. It's possible, but it's going to be very tough. Vegas is a giant of a team and has had Vancouver's number for the majority of every season.
  5. Yep. He actually said we didn't play well. I'm glad to hear him just say it this time.
  6. So, they played the audio of Reaves clucking doing the chicken noises when Roussel came out of the box. Roose gets a midconduct and other penalties for his chirping, but Reaves can cluck like a chicken for the whole arena to hear and it's okay? I don't really know about that.
  7. There's no way that Benning could have seen the NHL shutting down and shortening the season. There's no way he could have seen Toffoli getting injured in Game 1 vs Minnesota and not playing yet during these playoffs. Besides, he had 10 points in 10 games and helped this team get to where they were before the shutdown. Not to mention he's still in the bubble, so they definitely think he will return soon enough.
  8. Canucks PP has been the difference in this series. 0/7 tonight. That's all, folks.
  9. During the Blues post-game interviews someone asked Pietrangelo...."How are you going to stop Bo Horvat?". Never been so happy to hear a question asked.
  10. I like Chatfield as a prospect but you have to think it'll very likely be Benn, if not Juolevi.
  11. The general consensus right now for sure is that Playstation 5 is the way to go . At least in general. Their release lineup of exclusives, plus unannounced exclusives that are obviously like God of War 2, etc are just far better than Xbox's showing. Then Xbox had the whole Halo Infinite thing happen where their gameplay looked like of bland and they delayed it. That's a major kick to the nuts for Xbox.
  12. I love how the commentating of Bo's first goal was just, "Bo Horvat...did that!". Dude didn't even know what to say.
  13. I'ma get my ass back in here and say that I've been on VHL for like 5 years and had a ton of fun. Used to be huge into EA Sports NHL GM modes and simming, and that's what had me try out VHL originally.
  14. That PP goal at the end was the best our PP has ever looked with this group. That was so clean. They did whatever they wanted. Granted, STL was frustrated and done at that point, but still. Also, Myers only had 1 penalty. We can celebrate that.
  15. You can play any PS4 game on the PS5. It's fully backwards compatible to PS4. Although you may know that already considering your question is a month old.