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  1. @Vrienzy
  2. MTL selects Thierry Dupertuis.
  3. Meanwhile in our trade PM, you said Brannstrom + 2nd is nothing. But here he's a highly touted prospect.
  4. Since when were UFA re-signings open?
  5. Montreal willing to trade, or package their 1st Round Pick (9th) for help in the top six, or a top four defenseman.
  6. I really thought I would be in this year. It hurts more this season than any other one. My team was playing great, then out of nowhere down the final quarter of the season it was losses over and over. I don't really understand what happened. I am stunned. I'm not sure my motivations will be staying in tact after all of this. I'm not used to consistent failures. But in RGMG, it's like a given for me.
  7. It's funny because the other numbers look competitive. PPs, Takeaways, shot blocks, hits, etc. But the score and shots look like a NHL vs WHL game.
  8. 20-0 game for Detroit? What the &^@#? 79-15 shots?
  9. The purpose is to stay alive. It might be a terrible world, but life is life.
  10. It said he read it before the sim, so it should be in.
  11. Dat moment when you set your shots to Barrage and you get less than 30 shots in every game in the sim....and lose all 3. I'm supposed to get more shots, not less!
  12. Yeah. A lot of CDC thought Shinky reminded them of Patrick Kane, and that was his ceiling. A little much asking that of Hunter Shinkaruk. I mean, I was excited to see what he can do too, but to immediately think he might turn into a Patrick Kane one day is a little crazy.
  13. I think the main positive on Eriksson is that he's a pretty good and consistent player, but just not at $6,000,000.
  14. I kind of hope that if Burrows-Horvat-Hansen isn't producing much next game, that Willie throws Boucher in there for a shift or two. Just to see what Boucher's shot can do alongide Horvat's level of play. Maybe Skille-Chaput-Boucher generate something too, but I think Boucher would be better off having a guy like Horvat set him up with some room to shoot. Either way though, I hope Boucher has a good game. We kind of need players to make impacts right now, and on this road trip would be the perfect time for him to try and solidify a spot on an NHL roster.
  15. - Call of Julius Tuomi because he's good at faceoffs in the AHL - Proceeds to have a faceoff percentage of 30% in the NHL Good times