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  1. Definitely a better defense in front of him at the WC than on the Canucks. Ekman-Larsson, Klingberg, Larsson, Lindholm, Ekholm, Wikstrand > Tanev, Hutton, MDZ, Biega, Stecher, Sautner
  2. As much as I agree with you that Gagner and Eriksson shouldn't be on this team, I think we should let them have another couple games or more before fully judging how they will be this season. But at the same time, they're veterans and should be one of the guys coming on full swing into pre-season and not needing to warm up.
  3. Mfw MADD ad says to wait 4 hours after smoking weed before driving, but all I can think about is how many people I know who don't ever do that.
  4. [PTO] Gilbert Brule with Flames

    He had a lot of hype back when he was drafted and just didn't cut it. Couldn't transition to the NHL. He might not be as offensive as he used to be, but I think he can still provide in other areas.
  5. Mac Miller dead at 26

    Kind of surprised to see people posting about old rap > new rap in a RIP thread like this. This isn't the place for it. Mac was a good rapper. I'm not going to say I was a big fan, but I did have more than a few of his songs on my playlists over the years. This is tragic. I can only imagine what his family is going through, and especially now Ariana Grande. It's unfortunate that people have to be such jerks on the internet and act like she's partly to blame.
  6. [WOW] Sick Shootout Move

    Yeah, what these videos dont show you are all the messed up attempts.
  7. What Are You Currently Playing?

    With the Aim Controller, or just PSVR in general? Farpoint is the alien shooter game that the Aim Controller was originally bundled with. That game has a single player and also some online, but I've never played it. I've heard it was one of the best VR games until Firewall came out. Skyrim VR was decent, but as someone who already logged over 100 hours on the game since it came out in 2011, I just can't do it anymore...even with the VR immersion. It's still Skyrim. It's awesome being able to shoot guys with magic, actually being able to point around with your hands....and actually having to draw out your bow and arrows etc in VR....but it's still just Skyrim to me. Wipeout VR is amazing. Great racing game for VR. There's a bunch of different VR comfort settings you can toggle to help with the nausea as well. Definitely not the best game to jump right into VR though, because it's like a &^@#in' roller coaster. I could only really play it like 15-20min at a time per day until the sickness went away after a week. Dirt VR is great as well. I heard DriveClub VR is fun, same with Gran Turismo. I haven't played a ton of VR stuff yet. Firewall is the only game i"ve played with the Aim Controller so far, so it's really the only true recommendation I can give for it. But it's already widely known as probably the best VR game out, and it just came out. So that's some high praise.
  8. What Are You Currently Playing?

    It actually feels surprisingly great. It's easy to use and you learn the button locations pretty quickly. At first I was actually confusing myself because I didn't know where a button was while the VR headset was I was taking it off and looking at the controller. Then I realized I could just hold up the controller IN VR and look. Lmao.
  9. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Nope, never actually heard about it until now. Looks pretty cool. I great thing about this Aim Controller is the 2 joysticks being on it. The one thing I hated so far about PSVR was with the move controllers there are no joysticks to move around. PSVR could definitely benefit from upgrading the move controllers to have joysticks. Sharp shooter has the shoulder rest too, like an actual gun would. That's the main gripe I have with the Aim Controller is that there is nothing on it to have rest on your shoulder while aiming around. There have been plenty of screenshots on Reddit though of people taping some sort of contraption onto it like the end of a crutch.
  10. What Are You Currently Playing?

    With Firewall I use the gun. I have the motion wands (Playstation Move controller) as well. You can't use those for Firewall though. With Firewall you either use that Aim Controller or the regular PS4 controller.
  11. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Firewall: Zero Hour (PSVR) is &^@#ing amazing. It's like Rainbow Six online but in VR with the gun in your hands.
  12. Boeser or Pettersson rookie totals

    The great thing about Leipsic is he performs well when you don't notice him. He's good defensively. If he can get his offensive game going at a consistent rate, he would be fire. Those stints of brilliant plays from him a few times last season were amazing.
  13. Boeser or Pettersson rookie totals

    Had to vote Boeser for goals, and Pettersson for both assists and points. Barring any injury to Elias, I think Boeser's point total is very doable and the majority I'd think would be assists to Boeser PP goals. If Boeser didn't have a shorter season due to injury, then I don't think Pettersson would have a better rookie season.
  14. Red Dead Redemption 2(Ps4/Xbox1) - October 26, 2018(Updated)

    THat's basically what RDR1 was like online. Just galloping around with your buddies or in a carriage. Taking down waves of enemies or other players. Obviously, this one is going to be so much more than that.
  15. Bo Horvat Sig

    Yeah, I was 100px over. Haha, opening my PS, I realize now that my default is 400x150 so that's what I meant.