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  1. I don't think we should fire Green, and if we do, I don't think Babs is the answer.
  2. If I recall, they were injured a lot as well as underperforming. It's definitely a good story to talk about an 8th placer to win a cup, but LA was a cup favourite for a lot of people before the season started.
  3. I've done it where I stayed home on the PC and watched SportsCentre all day. There's really no point to it. Honestly, it's better just to go to school or work and then check all the trades later, or just look at them once they come in. Easier to do that than to stress over rumors and piles of people on CDC/the internet arguing them.
  4. It's a great trade for both teams. Toffoli will solidify that Horvat/Pearson line with more scoring. He'll hold down the fort especially until Boeser gets back. Tyler Toffoli is a huge asset. Tyler Madden is a great prospect obviously, but by no means is he a for sure thing. He's undersized and a 2-3 seasons from making the NHL. Undersized guys do make it more often these days, but Tyler is a ways away. He's also a C, and with the Canucks having Horvat, Gaudette, and Miller there, Madden would have a tough time fitting in any time soon. Maybe Madden ends up becoming a Gaudette, but Toffoli is a big piece right now for this team that is competing. Obviously the season would likely look very different without Markstrom, but we have Markstrom, so we can't really make that argument. Schaller is a cap move. Dude wasn't doing much here. He was a fill-in player. He had 4 goals in 3 games in October, but has had 1 goal since then. Decent PKer as well and 4th line guy, but Toffoli is great defensively and on the forecheck. He'll compliment Horvat and Pearson very well. They could even try him with Petey.
  5. I hope he does some serious thinking for the rest of the season. I'm sure he and the team did their due diligence with his health concerns and tried all the right things, but this is just how it is. The guy should take now and the summer off. Maybe give it a go for training camp if he's feeling good but even then I'm not sure.
  6. I think our team needs to look at that little highlight package CBC had of all the non-calls on Petey. That should show them a lot of times that they didn't defend him for.
  7. Lowkey, Loui Eriksson would be very loved by fans if he was earning like $2-3 million or less. The guy has always been great at fore and backchecking, but just hasn't put it together much offensively in Vancouver.
  8. Not sure I'd want to miss the captaincy reveal. We all know who it is, but still a cool moment.
  9. Emphasis on when I said 'possibly'. Nothing is for sure with Virtanen. Sometimes he looks so good, but it's not often.
  10. Jake could possibly work on this team if he wasn't on a line with two checkers. I don't think he'd drag a Baertschi-Gaudette-Virtanen line down.
  11. I like how in the Canucks one in that article it says, "We’ll withhold final judgment here, however, until we see Brock Boeser’s contract.". But it doesn't say that in the Leafs one about Marner.
  12. As amazing as Alexis Lafreniere looks, that's a lot to give up for a lottery pick that might not even be 1st overall.
  13. I'm even more not surprised because if you follow Brock's Instagram, he's done nothing but have fun at his lake house this summer. Surfing, boating, etc all those lake activities with all his buddies there. He even had Stecher there for a bit and others. He probably hasn't talked contract too much with his agent just yet.
  14. I don't know why anyone is worrying. We have another 2 months. Horvat took awhile to sign too. Sometimes deals take longer to make, especially when both parties know there is no real rush and the player wants to stay.