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  1. Not sure I'd want to miss the captaincy reveal. We all know who it is, but still a cool moment.
  2. Emphasis on when I said 'possibly'. Nothing is for sure with Virtanen. Sometimes he looks so good, but it's not often.
  3. Jake could possibly work on this team if he wasn't on a line with two checkers. I don't think he'd drag a Baertschi-Gaudette-Virtanen line down.
  4. I like how in the Canucks one in that article it says, "We’ll withhold final judgment here, however, until we see Brock Boeser’s contract.". But it doesn't say that in the Leafs one about Marner.
  5. As amazing as Alexis Lafreniere looks, that's a lot to give up for a lottery pick that might not even be 1st overall.
  6. I'm even more not surprised because if you follow Brock's Instagram, he's done nothing but have fun at his lake house this summer. Surfing, boating, etc all those lake activities with all his buddies there. He even had Stecher there for a bit and others. He probably hasn't talked contract too much with his agent just yet.
  7. I don't know why anyone is worrying. We have another 2 months. Horvat took awhile to sign too. Sometimes deals take longer to make, especially when both parties know there is no real rush and the player wants to stay.
  8. IMO, some of ya'll mofos that like Be a Pro, role playing type hockey sims should check out .


    I've been there for years and was originally brought to it from here. :)

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    2. KassianArtRoss


      It's a good time trust me I got almost 10k comments there in 2 years. I'm addicted to the VHL.

    3. DollarAndADream


      @Alflives I've been saying mofos since high school which was like 10 years ago so I don't know how it wasn't mofus.

    4. Jaku


      Dang man this looks really good. Haha I might give this a whirl.

  9. VHL Season 67 starting up later this week! Similar to Be a Pro and role playing games, I think a lot of Canucks fans here would love it just like I have for years. I was originally recruited to the site from over here.
  10. I want to say I'm passing on this game, but I know I won't be able to stop myself. I basically need to have the newest one every season, and there are no other options. EA obviously knows this, which is why they don't add a ton every season. I'm really hoping for that engine upgrade in NHL 21, but who knows if it will be any better. I know there's still glitches, etc in the Madden and FIFA games.
  11. Offensive rank 1- Hughes 2- Edler 3- Myers 4- Stecher 5- Benn 6- Tanev Defensive rank 1- Tanev 2- Edler 3- Benn 4- Stecher 5- Myers 6- Hughes
  12. I love all 3 of them, to be honest. The 3rd one, I'd prefer if one of the stripes were white, like the picture quoted above, but I'm fine with it as well. Everyone's complaint with our current jersey's was the 'Vancouver' over the top, and they took it out. So, that's a solid plus for me. The skate one is obviously fire because majority love it already and now we get an updated Adidas version of them. The 3rds, like I said, I do like them. I'm not completely sold on the logo yet, but I mean, having white for the ice part of it does make a lot of sense. Before the stick was white and the background was blue, yet the background is supposed to be the 'rink' part of it, so it makes more sense this way. What I really want is to see all 3 of these in full gear and even on the ice. Opinions can change a lot from that.
  13. There's got to be more to this story. While still really dumb, leaving your kid in the car for 20 minutes would maybe be understandable. Like not acceptable, but you'd be like, okay maybe some $&!# went down or something. But 9 hours? That's got to be on purpose, or drug related or something. How do you just forget for that long about your own kid?
  14. I don't see how it can be anyone other than Kucherov. Nobody has gotten that many points in awhile. It doesn't matter who's team he's on. I mean, it should be Kuch, but I can definitely see the players voting for McDavid. They're the ones who are on the ice with these guys.