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  1. Johnny Gaudreau 2.0 confirmed.
  2. Crazy how different the talk is of this kid on /r/Canucks on Reddit compared to here. It's so negative here with all of these experts. Over on Reddit, there's so much positive talk and hype around him, with people chiming in who've actually seen him play. I'm pumped for Petts.
  3. If anyone can show Pettersson and Dahlen the ropes, it's the Sedins. The twins were always those guys that people call soft, but in reality, they haven't been for a long time. They take a beating out there and still make sick plays. Sure, they don't go making hits themselves, but they take a ton of hits, slashes, etc and still keep the puck.
  4. Yeah, seriously. The 150lbs thing is a non-issue right now. We didn't pick him to play in the lineup next season. He's 18 and has tons of time to gain some muscle, especially with NHL professionals guiding his training.
  5. Yeah true. He was, but he's not anymore.
  6. Sometimes I wonder why the Canucks bother hiring any professional scouts, when we already have plenty of them on these message boards willing to do it for free.
  7. The real judge should be, what did EA NHL 17 have Pettersson rated, compared to Glass or Vilardi? They are the real experts.
  8. But Pettersson has been compared to Nik Backstrom, who is also a 1st line center.
  9. Oh yeah, I forgot that Tkatchuk is already and All-Star and Juolevi is already a bust. What an idiot Benning is! Seriously guys, we needed a player like Juolevi, and we need a player like Pettersson. They take more time to gel, and we have that time. Benning is a great scout, and watches these players that he picks all year long. He also has guys from the organization watching them when he can't. They've gone over hours and hours of footage on them on top of that, and talked to them all. Unlike all the CDC experts on here.
  10. Can't wait for this kid. I was hoping to get him over Vilardi and Glass. The Canucks need elite skill, and he definitely has that potential. The Canucks really need to be going skill > size at the moment.
  11. 3-1 Win 8-4 Loss 5-4 Shootout Win Hard to really take anything at all from that.
  12. Seems like a decent project. Not bad for depth.
  13. Something else bigger must be coming. That's incredibly cheap for a guy like Beaulieu. He's a great player.
  14. Devils can potentially have something good here, so I don't mind this trade. I mean, they already have 1st overall, too.
  15. Taylor Loiselle @Patrick Kane