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  1. Yeah, good series @Spoderman. Obviously, making the playoffs was huge for me but I expected to be out quick against Matthews and Kessel. 6 games is more than I expected.
  2. Montreal Canadiens Awards: MVP: Josheau Fontaine (30G, 43A, 73P) After signing a big 6 year, $6.35M contract in the off-season, Josheau Fontaine came in huge for the Canadiens. In just his 2nd full NHL season, Fontaine scored 30 goals and managed to hit 73 points, tied for the best on the team with Max Pacioretty. Fun fact: Fontaine was offersheeted, giving RGMG a hint at maybe him not signing in Montreal. This was never going to be the case, and he only went to FA because of a GM &^@# up. Leading Goal Scorer: Max Pacioretty (35G, 38A, 73P) Again and again, Max Pacioretty is the leading goal scorer for the Canadiens. This comes as no surprise. Can he continue this trend in the playoffs against the ridiculous Matthews/Kessel duo? Most Exciting Player: Peter Badoucek (33G, 30A, 63P) Badoucek has quickly turned into an offensive threat for the Canadiens, after a strong 52 point rookie season. This sophomore season, he put up 33 goals and managed 63 points. At the same time, he crashed and banged, and put up 282 hits, which was 2nd best in the league. Unsung Hero: Braken Moir (20G, 41A, 61P) Braken started the season on the 3rd line, and quickly proved that he deserved the 2nd C position. He was consistently putting up points, and managed to put together a respectable season.
  3. What if I told you.....that the first time the Montreal Canadiens would make the playoffs in RGMG 4.0, would be without Carey Price? Would you have believed me?
  4. Don't worry, east conference. If all things go as the RGMG Montreal Canadiens are used to, then we'll lose our playoff spot in the final stretch.
  5. Doesn't seem like too much of a hassle, since it barely even happens. I mean, for myself, I usually go to malls to get some $&!# and get out. I rarely go to hang out anymore. There's better options.
  6. Johnny Hockey will probably win it. 4 PIM and 61 points is pretty snazzy.
  7. Kovalchuk leaving was basically what shut down New Jersey's whole era of contention. Kovy left, Parise left.....things just went downhill from there.
  8. Pretty much my thoughts. When I saw the new guys like Goldobin and Boucher coming in, I thought that would finally put Megna/Chaput etc out....but I guess not.
  9. Doesn't that tweet say literally the opposite of what you're saying? It says he needs approval to play for another team, but not for the Devils.
  10. Man, crazy that none of these Western games went to 7 games, and 2 were sweeps with one being the Hawks on the receiving end. I think the Oilers have a strong chance here, especially after taking out San Jose, I have higher hopes for them in beating Anaheim. Hard to say, however. I think it depends on how Gibson plays, mostly.
  11. Must really suck to be a Sharks fan. Top team season after season. Obviously as Canucks fans we prefer to get a 1st rounder with San Jose winning the cup, but this gives Canada a better chance at getting the cup back too.
  12. Should be Burns and his ridiculous first half of the season.
  13. Yeah, 2nd Round is divisional championships. Since Leafs are playing Washington who are Metro champs, they will face the winner of the 2nd and 3rd seeds of that division.
  14. Kuznetsov hating that post right about now...

  15. For those wondering about Josheau Fontaine.....I just &^@#ed up the ruling. I had no idea that if you tried to change the years of an RFA after already offering, then he gets put to FA for offer sheets. I initially tried to 5 seasons, but saw the $6M so I wanted to switch to 2 seasons. If I knew that trying to do that switch was putting him to offer sheets, then I wouldn't have bothered and would have signed him 5 seasons. I just wanted to see what it might have been if I picked 2 seasons. But I swear, in an RFA PM before I've changed it and it wasn't a problem. I don't know if the rule changed or if it's been like that the whole time, and I just overlooked it. So, no matter the offer sheet he was getting matched 100%.