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  1. I'm so glad the Broncos won. Been rooting for them for a long time, and with Manning it's just so special.
  2. PC Gaming Thread

    I ended up buying XCOM2. For some reason I figured it was also on PS4 so the only reason I was iffy about buying it was because it was using actual money.   But, it's PC exclusive and I have a bunch of cash in my Steam I just bought it. Looks like a game I'll love. It'll be awhile to download though so probably not playing it tonight.
  3. PlayStation 4 Thread

    I almost forgot. I remember when it came out I wanted to buy it but just didn't get around to it. Glad it's free now. I saw someone about to buy it at Wal-Mart the other day. I had to inform them it's free on PS Plus.       Man, I went to go get my Destiny off of my brother tonight because I FINALLY want to play it again. But nope, he traded it in. Owes me a game now.
  4. RGMG 2.0 | SEASON 3

    3 points out of 1st place and 3 points out of not having a playoff spot in the East for us Canadiens. Crazy close.
  5. RGMG 2.0 | SEASON 3

    Seems like sim demands were left in Kik.
  6. McDavid Trade (hypothetical)

    I think Edmonton would be dumb to make that trade, and Benning would be dumb to reject it. For a hypothetical question like this, Vancouver needs to add more pieces.   Those of you saying this trade wouldn't happen and are avoiding the question, that's not the point. It's hypothetical.
  7. McDavid Trade (hypothetical)

    It's hypothetical, not realistic. He's just asking a question.
  8. RGMG 2.0 | SEASON 3

    Last post 23 hours ago and nobody is demanding sims? I'm stunned.
  9. PC Gaming Thread

    Yeah, if anyone likes hockey sims, Eastside Hockey Manager should be a 100% buy.   Let me know how XCOM2 is @g_bassi13. I know there's AAA reviews out there already, but we seem to agree on games we like.
  10. RGMG 2.0 | SEASON 3

    Yeah, a little odd that all 3 of my 4th line got a point that game, but all of them on different goals. Nice to see what the fuss is.
  11. RGMG 2.0 | SEASON 3

    4th line doing work.
  12. Official Nintendo 3DS Thread

    I know I said this awhile ago in this thread and it's horrible of me, but I still need to finish Awakening. At least for me, buying Birthright and Conquest will be cheaper by the time I actually get around to them....   But I agree, it's pretty dumb the route in which they're going.
  13. RGMG 2.0 | SEASON 3

    Damn, Arizona prospects killed the AHL. My best prospect was my 2nd round guy from this past draft, Sylvester Sandquist with 39 points.    
  14. RGMG 2.0 | SEASON 3

    via simulation.
  15. RGMG 2.0 | SEASON 3

    You guys did a breakdown, so I will too. Montreal 8 games: 5-2-1 1st Line: 29 points 2nd Line: 14 points 3rd Line: 4 points 4th Line: 3 points Defense: 22 points   I'd like a little more balance, but I'm not surprised at the top line out-doing the others with Giroux and Perry clicking. Rielly has 10 points too.