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  1. &^@#ing Jones, man. Just destroys his own career. I feel so bad for Cormier. Gets KO'd and then hears this, AGAIN. Screw Jon Jones.
  2. $&!#, dogg. That's sick. I want them playoff victories though.
  3. Badoucek is &^@#ing good. Vegas on the other hand, not so much. Although 12 playoff games ain't bad.
  4. Vegas taken out in 5 in the playoffs. Badoucek with 4 points though.
  5. &^@#in PK David Haas winning the Calder over me with less goals and points. Badoucek top of VGK depth chart as a RW though, and already over PPG is sick.
  6. I guess that's why 20 wristshot Badoucek is still in Europe.
  7. Yeah, man. Tell me about it. I was a regular in those threads, and I used to run GM Connected leagues on here. $&!# was awesome. Then they got rid of GM Connected after the jump to PS4/One and most of that activity seemed to just drop right off.
  8. I guess a 3rd round Voracek 2nd line potential isn't too bad.
  9. Maybe Badoucek will be another steal past the 1st round, just like RGMG.
  10. Not too shabby.
  11. I'd say around 202.
  12. What do I need to modify?
  13. Info: First Name: Peter Last Name: Badoucek Date of Birth: (02/05) Place of Birth: Czech Republic Nationality: Czech Second Nationality (Optional): Primary Position: RW Seconary Position(s) (Optional): LW Height (cm): 188 Weight (kg): 76 Handedness: R Jersey Number: 63 Junior Preference: None/College/Major Junior/Europe Starting Team*: (Must be from a Canadian Midget league, US U16, NAHL, European Junior League, etc.) (Leave blank for random) Player Type: (SNP, TWF, GRN, PLY; OFD, DFD, TWD): SNP Role: Offensive Role: 19 Defensive Role: 9 Total Role Points: 28 Staff Attributes:Adaptability: 8Ambition: 9Determination: 13Loyalty: 5Pressure: 12Professionalism: 11Sportsmanship: 12Temperament: 5Total Staff Points: 75 Technical: Checking: 1 Deflections: 1 Deking: 10 Faceoffs: 1 Fighting (OPTIONAL, DOES NOT COUNT TOWARDS TOTAL): 3 Hitting: 1 Movement: 10 Passing: 12 Pokecheck: 8 Positioning: 10 Slapshot: 2 Stickhandling:10 Wristshot: 14 TOTAL SKILL POINTS: 80 Physical Attributes: Acceleration: 10 Agility: 2 Balance: 11 Injury Proneness: 8 Natural Fitness: 10 Speed: 13 Stamina: 4 Strength: 7 TOTAL PHYSICAL POINTS: 65 Mental Attributes: Aggression: 5 Agitation: 5 Anticipation: 10 Bravery: 10 Consistency: 10 Creativity: 10 Decisions: 15 Dirtiness: 5 Flair: 5 Important Matches: 10 Influence: 5 Pass Tendency (DOES NOT COUNT TOWARDS TOTAL): 8 Teamwork: 10 Versatility: 10 Workrate: 15 TOTAL MENTAL POINTS: 125
  14. I mostly remember Henrik's 1000 and Hot Dog Horvat.