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  1. Not too surprised with the PPs and whatnot. It's the coaching staff's first time getting the guys out there against real opponents to try out the new strategies. It'll take a little bit to fully click in. Also they're probably testing out different guys out there during pre-season. Stecher didn't get any PP time, but they already know what kind of game he brings so I expect him there in some other games this pre-season.
  2. Well, I mean more competitive than I was thinking heading into it. They're not icing as many roster players as I thought they might.
  3. Going off that lineup sheet, looking like it doesn't look too bad on paper. Flames not icing a lot of their vets either. Should be a competitive matchup.
  4. Yeah, I've been seeing guys use a workaround where they send a $&!#ty player for a lot of money instead. My brother the other night was asking me why a guy like Chaput was going for 50k. Lol.
  5. After the first picks though the draft does go a lot different. You can basically just sort by potential and land a lot of great players that for some reason aren't being picked.
  6. They could have easily left it at R1+direction. Holding R1+direction obviously does the defensive skill stick now, but puck batting by pushing R1+direction should have just stayed.
  7. I think initially he might not be there, but inevitably within the first 5-10 games he will be there because someone is injured.
  8. Man, that Boeser wrister....I literally said out loud, "Holy !@#$". What a shot. Pretty exciting game, full of NHLers for a pre-season game! None of the Canucks big vets played, and we still looked pretty good out there.
  9. I don't know where the stride deke is, but I used to use that a lot in 17. These new dekes though are pretty cool. The between the legs shot going forehand or backhand is a nice little thing to do, including the puck flip which isn't in the training tutorial. Man, the Canucks really suck. Horvat the best player at 84. First thing I did was go straight to Online Versus and pick the Canucks, ended up facing somebody using the Oilers of course. Went down 2-0 after 2 periods, then scored 5 in the 3rd to win it 5-2. Boeser a couple of goals. I couldn't do a ton with the Sedins, but I've always hated using them in the games. Too slow for me. One thing that is just ridiculous now is that you can't see what team the opponent is picking in Online Versus now. Why would they decide to do that? There's nothing stopping your opponent, or yourself from picking Team Canada while your opponent picks the Canucks or something. Before at least you could see the other guy pick AllStars so then you could pick the other AllStars. There's nothing stopping you from picking a white jersey as a home team either without the other guy knowing.
  10. All those words about Anson Carter really puts a little sting into him leaving that season. If only he didn't have to leave to Columbus and realize his true potential was with the Sedins. Their words about BoHo are great as well. Already a leader. Also that little tidbit on Dahlen. The twins have been great. Daniel and Henrik. A lot of those bandwagoner fans won't realize what they had until they're gone.
  11. This thread reminds me of when Horvat was invisible during his Young Stars days. He got shat on quite a bit.
  12. Check out the site, dude. I've been there for a few years, and still going strong with players.
  13. Yeah, Carcone kind of just tagged him with an easy shot to the face as he was falling down. If Mayweather sees that he'll be like, what?
  14. Going off of what I was saying before where I was remembering a big game Sanford had as a Canuck, it might have been this one. I decided to look it up, lol.
  15. Was never the same after that Lidstrom goal in the playoffs. Too bad. If I'm remembering correctly, there was one game Sanford had here where he held the Canucks in it and made like 40 something saves. Against St Louis or something I don't know.