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  1. So now we have a new SchneiderSpiderman? Awesome!
  2. Yeah, the game gives you 10 games to determine where it puts you in the rankings. You are unranked for those first 10, whether you go into 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or whatever. For the most part, it'll pair you up with guys around your level. Don't worry about getting screwed. Plus, there's an unranked mode if you really don't want to go ranked right away. Or you can play single player against CPUs in a little season mode.
  3. Yeah, the place is starting to fill up with those kinds of people in the average ranks or lower. It's not as bad up higher from what I've seen, but it's still there. Usually I have fun with it and tell people I love them, etc after they say kys or I'm trash. I ask them to be best friends with me instead. Usually they either change their mood and be nice, keep trashing, or just get weirded out and stop all together. It's pretty successful.
  4. Went to an Olympics game. Czech vs someone, possibly Latvia, but I got to see Jagr and it was awesome. Also just watching that Canada run alone was a great memory, from here in Vancouver with all the tourists and how amazing the city was that year.
  5. But it makes me feel good.
  6. Thug = black?
  7. Didn't even realize that was you.
  8. I think it's messed up that I created this thread in July 2015.....and here 2 years later it's still the game I play the most.
  9. I mean, with the McDavid signing, you would have to think that Horvat and his agent would argue that he is worth at least half of what McDavid's value is. Obviously McDavid is top 1% talent, but Horvat could definitely argue he's worth at least half of that cap hit of $12.5M. Otherwise his agent could say, well, you think Bo is worth less than half of McDavid? I don't know where I'm going with this but I feel like McDavid's contract isn't going to do any other teams any favours.
  10. How far back does that go? Erick Boies from 2025 - 2nd rounder, never played an AHL game but he's at 1 year left Gabriel Morency from 2025 - 1st rounder, played 1 season in the AHL, but he's at 1 year left Keith Liles from 2024 - 1st rounder is at 0 with only 1 season in the AHL I have other guys with things like that but I don't care about them.
  11. Who's doing the ELC slides? I have some plyers that should have been slid last season, so I want to make sure it gets caught.
  12. Just winging this pick..... Jaron Filiatrault @Zach Parise
  13. Is it a coincidence that my favourites so far are the guys with the best flow? Chatfield and MacEwen.
  14. I feel like at this point I'm just maintaining a GM position so the team doesn't go under. Either I just barely make it in and I'm out within 2 rounds, or I don't make it.
  15. Pretty much. People found out which attributes to put into your guy to make him way faster than anyone else on the ice. It made it so you had to do it in order to even compete, because they'd blow by your defense every time for a breakaway. EASHL 2014 was basically a breakaway and cheese shot defending game, because if you had AI defense they'd do nothing.