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  1. Preseason GDT/PGT LA Kings Vs Canucks |Sept 23| 12:30AM | SN

    on the one goal guddy went and took his guy in the corner/wall was wericoch who followed them into the corner rather than park himself in front of the the net...La guy was all alone
  2. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    Sven Baertschi vs Hunter Shinkaruk...........probably not these two similar players.......Hunter gets more seasoning in AHL Would he benefit from better teammates and more ice time ..definitely....will it narrow the gap with sven(enough) ..thinking NO... so you give the young trio who bring size to go with the skill and hockey IQ (Guance,Virtanen and McCann) a solid chance to see if they can legitamly "Horvat"(bring a needed team element while playing sound two way vs NHL players) in to the lineup. against a nhl defensive core and starting goalie ......will have a decent idea how the those names= produce ,hold their own,2 way or they struggle........
  3. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    I could see him having an awesome preseason and getting a longer look on that 2nd line. its funny how alot (due to injuries last year ) of our top 6 guys could be cementing the bottom six......burrows,kassian,hansen,Mathias,higgins started aseason with out Kassian suspended,burr played one game then gone for 11 gms or so,hansen injured in game 12,schroeder hurt to start,mathias not here last year 3rd line boothrichardson santorelli..........4th line sestito/archibald,welsh/dalphe, weise/weber vs richardson starting in the 4th line center spot hansen higgins 3rd or 4th ie good chance we have to two 3rd lines to start
  4. Bo Horvat Talk

    I think he concentrated more on defensive play because our d-corp couldnt make a pass to save their life... wait till main camp and see how he looks with vets among the kids(esp the blueline) then we will have a good idea where he sits. will be tough to make a good bottom six............ having said that he played the NHl game right ...even though he was in a wild and sloppy prospect tourny
  5. [Rumor] Canucks will make a serious attempt at Iginla

    beleive ( deducing )the conversation Linden had with Iggy was in person in kelowna
  6. Don’t Re-sign the Sedin Twins

    be like pitts or chi and miss the playoffs for 5 or 6 yrs in a 7 yr period..... being one of the worst teams in 3 of those years trade away all your players your sedins and keslers, your hansen your garrison till you have multiple picks in the first three rounds draft 2-3 superstars and another 7 allstars so in 10 yrs you can can excited to be a HUGE contender (no guarentee either of winnig it all) thats how pitts and chi did it....... so say come back in 2020...whhhoowwhhooo I get you may not believe in the sedins as leading the way to the promised land.....thats okay....reality they need a deep supporting staff to get them all the way.......all the teams do. would be great to have a top young prospect(or two) come in and be one of the calder favs contributing to a solid cast ... pushing us over the hump....when all are healthy we are one maybe two impact players(supportive consistent performers) from being heavy favs...or have a pp and pk running very well in the playoffs
  7. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    hes a young power forward who can snipe........ he played on a bad team last year,not much depth he looked good at preseason,,,,which can state something or nothing he has size and nhl speed though was the leader on a very inexperinced Danish Wj team..... tried to do too much,,,defensive offensive...still impressed me t hough on his skating and skill and hockey IQ I think he makes a tough lineup to crack,because he can play at this level and score goals,hit,..... can play on any of the four lines(best suited for top two eventually----but can be at home on bottom two for a few seasons as needed) think he will be that sniper we have always needed.
  8. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Kesler (5 mil) is 10th on the scoring list 66pts for centerman,centerman ahead of him Malkin 8.7 69pts,Stastny 6.6mil 70pts,Kopitar 6.8mil 71pts, Richards 7.8 mil 77pts,Thorton 7.2mil 82pts, Stamkos3.75mil rfa 2011/2012--play wing or center???, Backstrom 2.4 mil ufa 87pts, Crosby 8.7 mil 87pts, Sedin 6.1 mil 94 pts Considering that kesler plays 2nd line minutes compared to all those guys playing 1st line minutes he is a super bargin....and can anybody on that list touch him --two way???? overall he is 21st overall less one dman he is 20th overall...less both Sedins (on his team)he is 18th overall---smokin deal another way to look at it. Crosby,Malkin 17.4mil Ovie,semin(backstrom next year) 15 mil, Chi Kane Toews 12.6mil, Sedin,kesler 11.1 mil-----all long contracts except the van duo
  9. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Well this is a good lesson to teach this board wisdom reguarding the many threads about trading away Luongo