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  1. sven out and get virtanen in for next game sven kills the second line(a feqw ood plays) Virtanen will be a good forechecker for that second line and some toughness(beyond Horvat)
  2. we are faster asa team And fastest way to play the game is passing.........our quick passes and quick acceleration was key in nuetruizing the Calgary fore check. great support from the forwards.....seemed there was always a couple of option in passing. And it helps that our newest dman 27 can skate and is cool as a cucumber in passing(and very good at it)
  3. some good points both sides.... Sbsia needs to make decisions quicker and keep his choices simpler one or the other...and speed up his decision making the give away for a goal ....if he chipped it off the board as soon as he retrieved would been a good play..... a) he had a forechecker he knew was on him...he hesitated thought of turning left(pass or skate). .thought better(good plan) chips it off boards...okay plan but the whole process was way too long taking then the second forward was intercepting the weak clearing attempt hes a smart player but his decision making in the heat of moment is to slow to do anything but slow his game down in a fast paced game Good reference point another very smart player Hutton....difference is Hutton can digest and process all these thoughts quickly and make the play quickly so they may be equal in smart IQ but processing is night and sbisa needs to make it simple to survive and thereby less errors
  4. on a sane note .....most media and fans see a number of teams better than last year(even though some still have holes) Dallas healthy Sequin,Nichuskan....added sharp....Neimi balancing Kari when he falters .....great offence................weak defance still Colorado better after sophomore slump LA kings ......long rest soldi roster............................can say weaker defence on bottom pairing.. missing some clutch scoring JW SJ slightly better ....maybe significantly better with Goaltending...................are they really that much better so you have chi,Nash,Stl,Anh.,....maybe Win and MIn and CGY(lot of hype on their defence-rightly so) all staying in playoff postion edm might not be such an easy point this year for all west teams so that means Van needs to stay the same or improve.... people need to realize if the teams in the central all improve....there will be alot more balancing of the pts that chi,Stl,Nash ,Min all will affect the win totals in the Pacific....but to a lesser degree. stat for the stat people vs central teams that didnt make the playoffs 1-4..........Col 1-2....Dal 0-2 so even if those two teams are better there is only one win to change vs Pacific teams that didnt make the playoffs 10-5........Edm 5-0 LA 2-3 SJ unless LA or Sj sweeps us or take a coupp;e of more wins........EDm may win a game or two but do they really have a shot at more.... so even though the confrence will be tougher.....the games we won against those non playoff teams is negligible. secondly our goaltending will be as strong as last year(hey Im a Lack lover too)but we had a injured Miller ...Markstrom(looks solid and being backup will not miss many starts----hopefully not a lingering injury) our defence may be weaker and it may be stronger.....player to player...bieksa and to part of season Stanton.....vs in Hutton ,Bartowski Now we have lost some edge and leadership in bieksa and overall solid play----MEDIA thinks so...and even hater fans have to acknowledge that hes a solid player...... Hutton could be a wildcard here and be a calder nominee (even a crowded race) and with Bart ......make us a faster transtion team which may be our strongest factor throughout the season......and if Hutton continues his pace and growth watch out .. Finally the forward rookies Virtanen and McCann and throw in Baer bring hope and potential to areas we need......highly skilled players that can score.....if they continue to look like they fit ...we are a much better team so if you are media and you do the slide rule....ok these teams likely to improve and these teams to slide with out looking deeper into the actual drop ofs or roster improvements then you look silly
  5. Transistion game was key in game soon as CGy ramped up their forecheck...the quick moving dmen quickly passed skated a couple of strides and passed to a variety of outlets................ kudos on the forwards supporting the dmen properly checkers cant hammer the guy without the puck as hard....or at all Cue the Cgy forechecker or forecheckers being caught up the ice and our offence having space in the flames defensive zone.... dmen less banged up ..less gun shy space to enter and create Cgy game plan in tatters
  6. Can send hutton down..then slide higgins into ltri.....recall hutton
  7. I dont disagree with get the full roster mostly set......they did that last year ..esp with a fair amount of same lines to get a fast start......and every team needs a fast start now days. problem is this roster by logic....and expecting vets will show similiar to last year vs rookies shining than fading Sedin,Sedin,Burrows Baer,Sutter,Vrbata Higgins(inj),Horvat,Hansen Prust,Vey,Dorsett kenins,cracknell Edler,Tanev Hamhuis,Weber Sbisa,Bart carrado Miller,Markstrom problem is that there are holes in that lineup to not enough goals,skill combined with 2way/size or all three Virtanen brings speed,skill,scoring.,punishing ,nhl size....sure hes look less comfortable than some other rookies..but his footprint is exactly whats missing. McCann has two way,moxie,great shot high hockey IQ....maybe lacks exp age ? bulk? Gaunce looks solid and has a legitimate chance to break the lineup...brings some of the offence we need while still being defensivly reponsible. Hutchinson sure he can easily be sent down and recalled later from Utica.....but hes starting to look so poised,defensively,offensively grenier has surprised with his nhl size and decent skill and willing to go hard places a skill lacking in this lineup Sedin,Sedin.Burrows...Burr can slot up and down the lineup.....there may emerge a player who really makes thsi line super potent Guance,Horvat,Vrbata....still early who makes that center spot(sutter assumed but may not be the best fit-more offense from ........................................Horvat)..Vrbata balances the top two lines..we know he can produce with sedins. Virtanen,Sutter,Hansen.....while Higgins is injured 9 games to see if big body can make the roster...also him and burr swap? Prust,McCann,Dorsett..................McCann has just shown more upside and battle than Vey Vey,kenins...............................kenins swaps out prust when speed is needed? or even Virtanen if he doesnt work EDler,Tanev Hamhuis, hutton may force out one of corrado,sbisa,weber...although here for dman depth...he may get sent down for a week or two so realistically after tonight you have some hard choices to make.....because you will need to be ready to play the next two gms with 98% roster before season. personally I am excited if more of the young guys are able to stick and actually make this a tougher team to play against....more balanced attack,some quick goal scorers......... you can field a team old style(safe mode) that can make the playoffs(tougher teams who were out last year makes it tough) but that team will very likely not go far in playoffs. this hybrid roster of young players can make this a more dynamic team(and maybe win a round or two?? the other factor is because of poor drafting esp...years ago...we have a drought of 24-28 homegrown players to back fill in. and most of the new guys are 19-22....big gap. BUT IF THEY ARENT INSERTED IN NOW THEN THEY WILL HAVE ONE LESS YEAR OF NHL EXPERIENCE(protected) -----AS OUR AGING ROSTER ....BECOMES OLDER AND LESS PRODUCTIVE/PROTECTIVE.....AND THEREBY makes it more safe/prudent to slot them in with the vets now while they can still produce(vets).....because we want them seasoned as our top vets go or really decline. Reality this young core is going to have to shoulder a long stretch as our goto guys with a big gap, from vets......... We really need to throw them in the mix now while they have a good umbrella now from sedins,burr,higgins,hansen,hamhuis,edler bottom line we need to really see if those young guys are ready for Gm 1 I was wavering a bit on how many of the young guys I wanted in Im convinced it will be better development to slot them in opposed to a huge wall in 2-3 yrs...when there is little experience and no umbrella
  8. Damn those canucks for drafting dare they clog up our lineup
  9. looking like SJ lines Goldobon,Thorton,Pavelski Marleau,Couture,Ward Neit,Hertl,Wingel Torres,teirney,Brown Vlasic,Braun Martin,Burns Mueller,Dillion jones to start scratches ben smith,Goodrow,teenyson,donski,deMelo
  10. I think dmen wise it might go down to the last preeseason game to decide the bottom 3 dmen and the spare. because of higgins and a deep rookie contingent, I dont expect 8 dmen to start the season
  11. scary psrt is that was mostly theri full roster last night for Arizona
  12. so SJ full roster....vs mixed roster for us
  13. thorton,hertl,marleau,pavelski,couture,wingels,tiernnery,torres,goldobon,goodrow,neito,ward burns,martin,dillion,mueller,braun,vlasic,dehalo Jones,stalock horvat,gaunce,virtanen,vey,dorsett,prust,hansen,mccann,grenier,kenins,cracknell,Baer edler,tanev,hutton,biega,bart,corrado mark,miller looks like per ben guerrero sj twitter
  14. Vey can play in 4th slot or even 3rd slot if need be....he has shown he can play those spots for an extended time in the NHL those have been game situations....and regular season gms and against full a coach you cant afford to overlook those capabilities.. THATS THE DISCLAIMER show what the young guys have to over produce at camp to make the roster. Hey Vey can still be one of the 14 spots.....whether starting gm 1 or 2 or sitting in pressbox the young guys have to show they belong beyond a 10-15 gm stretch....... I DO THINK THAT Guance and McCann ...and a certain degree Virtanen can show and do that. with Higgins on the does open up think Guance has a bit iof a inside track here(although without losing o0ther players to waivers Guance can get sent down to Utica,even if for a short time)... McCann I think will open up mangement s eyes after a very good game tonight(very good two way game ,very good battling) Also think Virtanen will get a long look (possibly into 9 gms) because even though his game is alittle bit more rawer than the other two mentioned....he brings that size,punishing hits coupled with his speed/ a team missing that exact factor Vey will have to win those battles he lost the other night.......and if hes going to lose them ..he has to lose them when hes on the right side of the opponet with the puck...he cannot lose those battles and end up behind that player as the opponet moves up the Horvat and McCann and Guance...they get it. side note I was really impressed with Hunter Shinkaurk s ;last game where his compete level was solid
  15. think its you know what you get ...and you have a chance to sort out who else makes the roster