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  1. The Canucks' season could be on the line as they take on the Sharks tonight and Flames Sunday night. And imagine if Horvat waited to negotiate his new contract.
  2. Clay's Canucks Commentary - December (vlogs)

    December 15: Tanev, Horvat's contract, and the season’s on the line
  3. Travis Green wants to win hockey games, while fans want to see the young guys play. Can't we have both?
  4. Clay's Canucks Commentary - December (vlogs)

    December 13: are playing the young guys and winning games mutually exclusive?
  5. Tough game last night as the Canucks surrendered an early goal and were never able to take the lead.
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    December 12: 3 reasons why the Canucks lost to the Winnipeg Jets
  7. The next 2 weeks are huge for the Canucks and will likely determine their fate for the rest of the season.
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    December 11: it’s make or break time
  9. Clay's Canucks Commentary - December (vlogs)

    December 8: with no Bo, Canucks need to take care of the “little things”
  10. Canucks lose 4-1 to the Flyers and the No-Bo era has begun. I don't think I'm going to like it very much.
  11. The Canucks will have to prepare for life without Bo Horvat...likely for the next 4-6 weeks.
  12. Clay's Canucks Commentary - December (vlogs)

    December 7: Replacing the irreplaceable Bo Horvat
  13. December 6: Jacob Markstrom (with his first career shutout) and Derek Pouliot (with 3 points) led the Canucks to a 3-0 win over the visiting Carolina Hurricanes.
  14. Clay's Canucks Commentary - December (vlogs)

    December 6: Jacob Markstrom earns his first NHL shutout
  15. With the abrupt retirement of Derek Dorsett (and the current injuries to Erik Gudbranson and Brandon Sutter), do the Canucks have enough toughness in their lineup? Do they need it?