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  1. And to think we thought we received nothing for the Vanek trade.. somebody knew what they were doing....
  2. Never thought it would come to this, but Escape (the Pina Colado song) is officially my favorite song right now.
  3. Exactly. this team has gone way beyond what anyone expected! Not saying I'm throwing in the cards as we are frigging resilient as we've shown already. Also Green has made some remarkable decisions on lines, strategy, and motivating this very young squad of impressive talent. I don't think Petey or Huggy would be doing this well if it wasn't for their Coach's calm measured support right now. I have a really good feeling about Demko and the clash tonight. They may win they may lose but expecting a very good game from the boys!
  4. Would like to see Chatfield in for Benn. Benn may have the edge on strength and experience but the 3rd pairing in being exposed with Vegas speed more then anything. Chatfield has speed and a high compete level and has the right shot advantage. Putting Jake in the top six and expecting his best performance of the series is needed for game 4. If that moves Brock down to the third so be it.
  5. we're playing them equally, couple lapses but we could have got a couple so confident we can get back in the game! lets go!
  6. Can't see Green making any changes in game 3. Gauds, while not the physical player that Big Mac is, has a higher skills set and is pretty tenacious on the fore check This is our MO as a team. Our speed, skill and pressure literally shut Vegas down for 2 of the 3 periods. This is what we need to focus on. Let Reaves run around while we're getting scoring opportunities. Rooster was still playing his speed and pressure game when he's on the ice Rooster played 6:32 and Reaves 8:20 so its a waste of energy for us to focus on that little game within the game. More importantly we still need to find ways to break up their sustained pressure like they had in the 2nd. Hoping Myers gets back in sooner then later to use that 14' reach to break up plays as Benn is a concern out there at times. No issues with the rest of the D
  7. Good to see no more 730-745 starts moving forward Green's detailed Game plan.... pass - shoot - score - defend- Celly! Hope to see Big Mac
  8. This Signing a relatively short term deals so we can get through the Luongo, and Eriksson contracts in particular. Also now that we have made our statement to the league, we also wont have to over pay players or extended longer contracts as we did with Sutter, Beagle, Rooster, Ferland etc..
  9. Canucks - Vegas stats through first 2 rounds GF- Vegas -3rd - Canucks - 5th GA- Vegas -16th- Canucks 18th PP- Canucks 6th - Vegas 9th PK- Vegas 7th - Canucks 15th FOW- Canucks 8th - Vegas 19th Save % Canucks 3rd - Vegas 8th Keeping in mind Vegas played Chicago vs St Louis.... They have the balanced attack , but by the last 2 games with our bottom 6 confident as well it will be a battle. Aces? Marky , Huggy, Petey!