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  1. Sutter was covering the pass. that was on Motte and Hughes as they could have gone harder to Eberle. Broken play of course to hard to judge anyone too much there
  2. Demko's game is better each time out so as long as we get some O support the thrill of victory will prevail Make it happen and win this one!
  3. Says he's close but that could still be a week minimum IMO still way better then 4 more weeks....
  4. Actually you can call Jake-Motte- Sutter as a 3A line, and Gauds as 3B Jake and Sutts have had success as well together
  5. Rouss- Gauds- MacEwen don't see this being a good fit at all. I hope i'm wrong Coach!
  6. You're right, by everything I've seen on the Utica games is that he has not been the same player he was last year up to the time he he sustained the injury. If they cannot put him into games when he is "really" 100 percent than he should be shelved for the remainder of the season, get on a good regimented recovery program and heal over the next 6 months and really be ready for next year. His offensive game is excellent when he's healthy. Top player 2 years ago for Finland at the end of the season and one of the top producing D in the AHL before his injury. all at 19 and 20 YO. He passes are quick, one the tape and he see's the play unfold before most players. Very smart. His downfall is his D game which i think is a combination of health and youth. He cannot spin and start quickly to get back into plays plus can still get schooled by faster players. His shot blocking is very good though. I know its all been regurgitated before but 1 more year with lots of rest to truly see what we have I think is the right move here. Should we have picked another player at 5 in hind sight? Obviously yes, but considering the winners Benning has picked more than makes up for Juolevi at #5
  7. Quinn will play! You know he will play, he may play on crutches but he will play!