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  1. goals,goals...from who?

    Here an article forecasting goals using some top secret analytics.::) Interesting read.. Goal total about 245 Very optimistic on Pettersson , Dahlen, Juolevi, Edler IMO but its based on 82 games with replacements keeping the same pace. I believe Virtanen, Pouliot , Stecher and Roussel can do better Boeser 34.09 Elias Pettersson 30.81 Bo Horvat 25.19 Sven Baertschi 18.02 Nikolay Goldobin 15.72 Markus Granlund 15.29 Jonathan Dahlen 13.18 Jake Virtanen 12.17 Adam Gaudette 11.01 Brendan Gaunce 8.80 Brendan Leipsic 7.84 Olli Juolevi 7.08 Derrick Pouliot 3.61 Ben Hutton 3.24 Troy Stecher 3.07 Quinn Hughes 1.88 Eriksson 18.75 Sam Gagner 15.95 Brandon Sutter 15.01 Tim Schaller 12.39 Alex Edler 9.22 Antoine Roussel 9.02 Jay Beagle 7.02 Michael Del Zotto 6.86 Alex Biega 3.72 Chris Tanev 3.65 Erik Gudbranson 3.30
  2. goals,goals...from who?

    With 43 goals to make up from Sedins and Vanek on an already low scoring team it could be a challenge. With the 5-6 guys taking up those offensive minutes its more than possible, as long as we have a "normal" year of man games lost to injury. Sutter, JV, Eriksson, Baer, Granny, Goldy to name a few should easily pickup their numbers, and honestly don't see anyone tailing off on their production from last year. About 230 goals is a realistic number
  3. Do we give Bo the "C"? POLL

    Bo should get the C by next year for sure. Linden 2.0 Rotating Guddy, Edler, Bo , Sutter this year sounds like the logical thing to do. I can see Stecher supporting an A soon as our future leadership group as well. He may not have the size but he does have the heart!
  4. 2018-2019 - Line-Up - Trades to come ?

    I see Gaudette starting in Utica and Leipsic either waived or traded. Would like to see them keep Goldy as he was finally starting to show some promise at the end of the year. He was one of our best play makers so he should get some PP time and rack up some points there. Gaunce is the odd man out and is traded or waived depending on injuries Hutton could also be in a multi player trade with some retained salary depending on Juolevi's camp Packaging Gagner/ Sutter with Hutton/ Leipsic for a true top 6 center should be a priority as goals will be hard to come by when (not if) the injury bug hits our top 6-9. Baer stays considering his salary signing for now... Goldy - Horvat - Boeser Pettersson - Sutter - Eriksson Baer - Gagner - Virtanen Roussel- Beagle- Granlund Schaller Edler - Stecher MDZ- Tanev Pouliot - Guddy Joulevi- Beiga
  5. Over paid, but players that can protect our future core and add some PK and defensive responsibility This gives Goldy, Pettersson, Baertschi, Granlund, Leipsic, Dahlen, Gagner, Gaudette and even Sutter/ Eriksson the opportunity to play a more offensive role. Barring a pile of injuries this does make us harder to play against.
  6. [Report] Nando Eggenberger invited to Development Camp

    Something like this?
  7. Burrows will parachute in for this special occasion..:)
  8. The last thing the Sedins would want is a public apology from anyone to be honest. They're way too humble for that.
  9. I'm sure someone posted but this was one of the best!
  10. One thing that was so impressive outside of dominating the Ozone and first class people in the community, was how mentally strong they were as leaders of this hockey crazy market. When things were ugly in a succession of losses or the last game of the 2011 final, as captain Henrik's sheer emotional strength and determination to handle the press, the team and the fans was absolutely incredible. Prior captains of the Canucks, and many others team couldn't handle this pressure nearly as well as Hank and Dank.
  11. Honestly thought they were going for 1 more year, but happy that they're leaving on a positive note, and didn't get messy with negotiations or management deciding not to move forward with another year. Class act future hall of famers! Would love to be at the Arizona farewell game.
  12. Go Bo or go home He will be 23 shortly and that is not too young for captaincy considering his maturity level. Linden was captain at 21 and i dont think Trevor was at a different maturity level than Bo. Sutter, Guddy, Edler and Tanev are very good for leadership support to share the A's I Bo wasn't here this would be a tough call but would probably vote Sutter or Guddy considering Edler could be traded or not resigned 2019 and don't see Tanev with a C Interesting how many were voting for Kesler over Henrik to replace Luongo as captain because he's more outspoken, and could be a better motivator than Henrik in the room and on the ice. In hind sight Henrik was the right choice hands down as a stabilizing personality to lead the squad
  13. [PGT] Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Vancouver Canucks

    I don't know whats happened to Goldy in the last few games, but his speed has cranked it up on the fore check and he's actually engaged at the bench. Thinking playing on Bo's line does the heart and soul some good there.
  14. [PGT] Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Vancouver Canucks

    That was a perfect game for the "rebuilding fan" Gaudette, Goldy, Jake, Bo, Sautner, Motte, Archie, all with good games. Even though Demko was hung out there at the end, he displayed excellent patience throughout most of the game and shows he's ready for a backup role. Then you have Edler, Sutter and Jokinen to show great leadership and patience in support and offensive contribution. This makes these so called meaningless games very meaningful. Great effort against a tough team!
  15. Yes or no to the Sedin’s next year?

    Eriksson / Baertschi - 24 goals- +3 - 103 games Sedins - 23 goals- -39 - 153 games Just an observation... Without Sedins in 2018 - 19 the offense will probably be on par with this year, and our improved defensive game = more wins IMHO