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  1. looks like we are the only team with 5 players in top 50 scoring! petey, boes, miller, qh , bo Never thought that was a possibility this year.
  2. Playing hockey October style, constant pressure on their D and lots of shot opps.
  3. yes, if it benefits one of the guys to wait a game, that would considered a good call. We need to win this first and foremost, and having to many players shaking off rust could cause some problems
  4. This line up looks as good as any. If they do get to the all healthy point with their forwards,it would be good to move a couple players off of our cap via trade and still stay competitive The only options i see here are Leivo(1.5M) or Goldy (900K). Would be nice to keep Schaller up as a healthy scratch or 4th liner, same as Motte, and Eriksson off to Utica.
  5. This looks like Gauds last game of waivers exemption. JB/TG , decision made, he stays. Adam Gaudette Waivers Exemption Determination Waivers signing age: 21 Position: skater Seasons Exempt: 3 NHL Games Played Exempt: 80 First pro-game season age: 21 First pro-game season: 2017-18 SEASONS NHL GAMES PLAYED REQUIRED 3 80 COMPLETED 2 1. 2017-18 2. 2018-19 79 2017-18: 5 2018-19: 56 2019-20: 18 REMAINING 1 Estimated waivers required beginning: 2020-21 1
  6. Interesting that Roussel draws in on Burrow ROH night. He reminds me more of Burrows that anyone else on the team.... Both the presentation and Roussel should give everyone a good shot of adrenaline tonight including all you "shut ins who can't get out to the game tonight"
  7. So glad Burrows has received this honor He is the classic underdog who most didn't think he had a chance to play in the NHL. Through he dogged determination he fought his way from the minors all the way up to slaying the dragon. He may not have the talent that Luongo, Kesler, Bieksa, Hammer, Ehrhart and others had on the near championship team but his heart and loyalty will always outshine almost any Canuck ever. The best line mate the Sedins had, despised by the opposition, never took a shift off, and scored a number of our historic clutch goals make his deserving of this honor.