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  1. Desperate media writing about anything to get our attention. Bettman , please start training camp a month early! Thank-you!
  2. Being too optimistic here? 2015-2016 we have 229 games lost due to injury to our top players 2014-2015 we have about 110 games lost. Counting on an average year for injuries, more depth on D and our bottom 9 forwards this doesn't seem out of line or is it.... We should be challenging for a playoff position barring a Sedin or 2 going down:( Canucks 2015-2016 goals plus/minus sedin sedin hansen 61 23 Baertchi horvat Vrbata 44 -74 Burrows Sutter Virtanen 21 -17 Prust Cracknell Dorsett 11 -15 Gaunce Vey Mccann 16 -29 Edler Tanev 10 -16 Hutton hamhuis 4 -23 Sbisa Bartowski 8 -14 Weber Biega 0 -28 totals 175 -193 Canucks 2016-2017 Prediction sedin sedin hansen 55 20 Baertchi horvat Eriksson 60 -10 Etem Sutter Virtanen 35 10 Burrows Granlund Dorsett 25 0 Grenier Gaunce Rodin 18 -10 Edler Tanev 12 10 Hutton Gudbranson 10 0 Sbisa Larson 9 -10 Tryamkin Biega 5 -5 totals 229 5
  3. Sbisa is our solid #5 which a valuable piece to the puzzle. He dramatically improved last year from the year before, and with Gudbranson and Tryamkin in the line up to support the physical play I see his game improving further now that he isn't the only physical option we have. He did show flashes of offensive skill much like junior, plus his defensive and positional play should improve further. It would be a mistake to trade him at this point with his value and contract being questionable. I see a trade deadline deal for him only if Tryamkin and Larson actually can handle the NHL load, which their not used to right now. Was not really impressed with Pedan's positional play and disipline last year so his game would need to improve dramatically to get into the top 6 if we're healthy. Biega's a safer bet then Pedan right now. Edler Tanev Hutton Gudbranson Sbisa - Tyramkin/ Larson rotating Pedan Biega I'm not going whip out a buy a #5 jersey, but finally have confidence in our D again with him in the line up.:)
  4. Exactly, put the toughness of Gudbranson, the future smarts / play-making of Juolevi, the defensive play of Tanev and the offense of the whole Canucks defense squad could sum him up,
  5. The closest in our current roster and prospects would be Juolevi imo, considering where he is at right now. PLUS he is already wearing #4 so it's a slam dunk! Orr was not only an incredibly mobile, defenseman with a great shot, and play-making skills he was also Boston's #1 defensive player with the best +/- so if Juolevi can do 1/2 for the Canucks that Orr did for Boston, Canuck-land would be very happy indeed!
  6. Buffalo wont give him away considering what the let go for him. door #1, 2 or 3? 1. Sbisa, Etem and 2017 2nd round pick or better 2. Virtanen, and the Columbus 2nd round we have coming 3. Burrows and 2017 1st rounder to free up cap
  7. He should have a couple of years left in him, but not here. We only had him here to unload Kassian at the time and we need to invest into more offense. Any PTO will need to have some offensive upside.
  8. We lost a ton of 1 goal games last year With addition of Ericsson, Rodin, heathy Burrows, Horvat, Baer, Virt and Etem with another year under their belt that should put us over the top for a playoff spot. Our D is an easy upgrade over last year. The main difference this year is depth when those injuries do come we're better equipped to handle it.
  9. Barring injuries he should have a bounce back year. The rib injury slowed him down over the summer in 2015 and therefore he was already at a disadvantage to start the season. I wouldn't be surprised to see 15-20 goals like he produced in 2014-2015. He is still a good PK guy, can chip in on the power play to cover off injuries, and will help Etem, Virt, Gaunce and others in the bottom 6 especially, educating them on the defensive side of the game. Agree that the mentor-ship is being pushed too much by the club, and they should talk about his actual performance and what they expect from him on the ice. Is he worth 4.5 mil?, Absolutely not and never was. He benefited from the Sedin's, and that should not have been converted into his contract. I think if they offered 3 mil over 4 years he would have taken that knowing that the Sedin's were the reason for his success at the time. Also Gillis should not have felt there should be pay back due to the 2 mil contract for 4 years, or any other contract. You roll the dice and sometimes you win or more often you lose.
  10. I think Miller and Markstrom would like to chime in on this conversation, considering you hear the "Tanev is a goalies best friend" time and time again. I agree that Tanev does need to up his offensive game and have the confidence to reach outside of his comfort zone a little more to generate more opportunity for his line mates. His has been specifically working on his shot this summer so lets hope that he can be a staple on the 2nd unit power play.because offense from defense is needed more than ever this year.
  11. just for fun... Trying to match only ex Canucks Eriksson- Greg Adams Horvat – Linden Baertschi – Peter Nedved Virtanen- bertuzzi Sutter- murray craven Etem- Momesso with less bite Hansen- gelinas Granlund- mike sillinger Dorsett- brad may Boeser- Tony Tanti Gaunce- trent klatt Juolevi- jeff brown Tryamkin- bryan allen x10 Hutton- lidster/ brent sopel blend Guddy- willie mitchell/ harold snepts blend Tanev- hamhuis Edler- Salo sedins- absolutely no one
  12. The great thing about looking into the past is that you remember comments about the Sedin's being 2nd line players at best, and Kesler being a good 3rd line shutdown player.This was said by leaders of the team at that time. We need to have patience to grow the team properly. I think we can safely say the Horvat will be our solid 2nd line center or maybe a solid 2 way 1st line center aka Bergeron since we love to compare ourselves to the Bruins. (my 2nd favorite team) . That's the thing about looking at a players skill set and drive at age 21. We know Bo has both qualities so its just about how his skill set improves. Boeser, Virtanen, and Baertschi all fall into the 2nd/ 1 st line players. Surround them by Eriksson and the Sedin's signing for 1-2 more years at less money and I think we will be well set to be a "contender" in 2018. Not with superstars, but with a solid balanced line up that can shutdown the opposing superstars while beating them with a balanced attack. Until than we should be a playoff team with our few suttle changes being made, and barring another dramatic injury riddled season, Very happy with Benning's direction and accomplishments considering what he started with.... Go Canucks!
  13. Because they have verbally committed to Burrows for 2016-2017 , he should get the 2nd "A" and if by chance if he is traded Bo should be the one to have the A to show the future of where this team is going. Burrows has always been the ultimate team mate for any player. If Guddy is signed long term in the next year he could be in line for an "A" when and "IF" the Sedins do not re-sign after their contract is up. This guy is going to be our next Willie Mitchell and he had the A sooo... That of course is thinking way to far ahead...
  14. Honey Badger - fastest skater - top 2 goal scoring on a team thats needs this more then anything now. - top pairing forward on penalty kill - top 3 defensive forward - makes every line better 1st , 2nd , or 3rd - top 3 work ethic - best cap value on the entire team just don't think we will still get the value in a pick that we want. it won't be a 1st rounder. keep him....
  15. haha, absolutely made that up.:)