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  1. for sure, he more then most would benefit from the same line mates whether its the Horvat line or Pettersson for 10+ games or so
  2. Its almost too late for the experiment as Jake needs more than 2 games to learn how to benefit this skill level, If he just wins the board battles, crashes the net and they pop in a couple goals, will be glad to eat all written words! Would like to see Jake more then any other Canuck succeed TBH considering the tool box he possesses.
  3. Linden commented numerous times on how they've changed food delivery, atmosphere in the building, and marketing to improve the experience. It wasn't just the product on the ice in his position IMO
  4. Killer GTD , again! Nice work with the #firebotch campaign:)
  5. alot of what Linden did was involved in the business ops, entertainment, marketing etc... which looks to be covered by this larger group dedicated to specific areas of the organization. Between Benning, Wesbrod , Smyl and others dealing with players it seems that they feel a president title is unnecessary at the time. This time next year if the Canucks fail to make the playoffs and the Aqua"dudes" are considering changes, than they may entertain a restructure of the organization. aint broke, no need to fix it providing Benning & co. are all in with current structure.
  6. They have 7 Vice-presidents I think we're covered, right?:)
  7. Great way to cap off the last home game. Hughes 3-0 now!
  8. Boy....Sharks turtling like minnows with the heavy Orca forecheck!
  9. Don't re-over turn this . we need 3 on 3 with Petey, Brock and Hughes.....Please....
  10. Hated team, has to be 2011 Bruins and close behind 1994 Rangers Bruins used to be my #2 behind the Canucks and quickly slipped to #30 on that list for all reasons above. Opposing player- The Rat and The Buff, Marchand for being himself and Byfuglien for being in Lou's face and making Canucks Defense life H#ll try to move that SOB away from our net. Dis-honourable mention goes to Lucic- so happy his contract is worse than Erikssons. ex Canuck- Messier for doing serious damage to our team, showing zero leadership, screwing over Linden and walking away only to be recognized as one of the greatest leaders of all time. (BS) ahhhh.... feel better now.:)
  11. living at his current address... somewhere on Baker Street.:)
  12. Agreed , I'm amazed on some comments that Joulevi is a miss by Benning who hasn't had the chance to develop into the #5 pick we expect. He is a player that will take time and patience as proven with TPS, but once he caught on to playing against men as a 19 YO, he ended up being one of TPS's top Dmen in the playoffs notching 7 points in 11 games as a rookie. Rick Dhaliwal@DhaliwalSports Salo on Juolevi, "He had a really good year, he improved in the areas he needed, like in the defensive zone. He had a great playoff, he carried the team after we lost a key defenseman. He took the team on his shoulders, we were really happy with his development." #Canucks In Utica, although his +/- wasnt impressive, his point production was. 13 Points as a 20YO in 18 games and had the top PPG in the entire AHL as a 20YO Dman. He has above average skating, an excellent wrister, high IQ and will be a solid PP guy for us. He will never have the flash of Hughes, but could actually offer more value long term. The one concern is his health so I hope after the summer we can really can get a good gauge on him, and he remains healthy moving forward.