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  1. Hughes agrees... he will do some kind of "hughesy death stare" to shut that nickname down shortly.:)
  2. Yeah, Willie was my favorite Canuck in his days here... passed up the 22,33,17 jerseys for a #8 because the guy commanded respect, was one the smartest D men we've ever had with that 8' long stick of his, and tough as nails. whats not to love about him! The hit on Toews when we were getting pushed around was one a many highlites He would be a member of ROH if we didn't let him escape to win a couple cups in LA
  3. also a leader who has one gear for the regular season called 110% , and another for the playoffs, 125% I think Bo can be that player for us.. much like Linden did throughout his career.
  4. Could have lost him on the wire anyway, but sad to see a great leader and horvat style work ethic for Utica and Canucks go. hopefully a forward trade coming soon to release the logjam there as well...
  5. he was on a line with Granny and Gagner for awhile, and they looked pretty good. Matching him with evenly skilled forwards helps his play TBH
  6. Was shocked $6M Eriksson was actually Scratched last year in game 70.... not so much this year. He's a smart PK,defensive player but the term " hard to play against" isn't part of his M.O. so time to move on. At some point this season , sending him to Utica in favour of Baer wouldn't be surprising once Baer gets 5 or so games under his belt. Really routing for Jake- Gaud- Leivo to sir up some S#$t! Jake did assist on Gaud's first goal last year so maybe they do have "chemistry" right?
  7. A win here would go along way, so hoping for OT, and all those lame fans can experience our Hughes, Petey , Bo magic for the winning goal
  8. Hughes looked great last even though he lost a couple assignments. its early but can see him just gaining confidence playing 18-20 minutes a night and being a serious threat for the Calder. others positives , our whole "2nd line" new D additions, Marky, Beagle, Eddie. This was the first game for the top line together and they had some moments so its worth keeping them together IMO Our bottom 6 looked discombobulated out there. I believe we have the players but not the chemistry. Hate to say it but Motte on that 4th line would have really helped. JV's confidence is pretty low or else something else is going on behind the scenes there. Not sure if sitting him out is the right move, so sitting Schaller and trying something like these lines for bottom 6 Leivo- Gaudette- Virtanen- fast aggressive Eriksson- Beagle -Sutter- shutdown
  9. what about Brock.... mature ,calm demeanor, top 3 player, speaks well and has the flow to back him up.:)
  10. haha, there's only one Sheriff in town and his name is.... (drum roll....)
  11. practice ...Gaudette rotating in for Virtanen on the 3rd line. #Canucks Jake can't assume because our RW depth is weak that he stays in the lineup... #greenmotivatingjake