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  1. Theme song for Dahlen- Pettersson.:) "54-40" One gun One gun added on to the one gunOne gun added on on onOne gun added on to the one gunOne gun added on on on
  2. Motte is looking to scoop a vet for a job tonite
  3. he truly looks stronger and faster.. 2 summer goals so would be surprised if he doesn't make it.
  4. OK butterflies are over.. JV crossbar, Goldy robbed. Good to see our potential.. looking forward to 2nd and 3rd! get out of the way coilers...
  5. couple good defensive plays by EP40... very Tanevisque with that puck
  6. Absolutely fake stache , as a joke on Garrett.. i hope
  7. CANNOT WAIT! as Huey Lewis said, "I want a new drug" after 5 months, and its starting tonight! I know its all about the kids, but I would like to see Eriksson get some chemistry and success with Horvat , whether its with Brock or whoever. Believe he has a lot to prove and a lot to give still.
  8. [Official] 2018 Training Camp Thread

    he was , the media asked the same predict yours lines questions, or where prospects are going to be at the end of preseason . he was on auto repeat that he simply doesn't know without evaluating players during and after preseason. TBH i don't really blame him
  9. Opening lineup prediction Goldy- Horvat - Boeser Baertschi - Pettersson - Eriksson Roussel- Sutter - Virtanen Granny- Beagle - Gagner Leipsic rotating with Goldy or whoever's not pulling their weight Schaller - IR? Edler - Guddy Hutton- Tanev MDZ- Stecher Pouliot- Biega 20 Game in Prediction with a couple injuries say Sutter, Gagner and Leipsic traded/ waived Baertschi- Horvat - Boeser- Triple B line Dahlen - Pettersson - Eriksson- How Swede it is line Roussel- Gaudette- Virtanen- the irritation line Granny- Beagle - Schaller- the shutdown line Goldy rotating in with Dahlen or whoever needs to sit for a game or 2 Edler - Guddy Hutton- Tanev Juolevi- Stecher Biega Injury with MDZ and Pouliot traded for example
  10. Do we give Bo the "C"? POLL

    Haha , I hear you on the douchebag front.. I take it you haven't stood in line for Ryan's autograph..
  11. Do we give Bo the "C"? POLL

    There really isn't another player IMO that would , or should take the captaincy besides Bo. He's the right age of a rebuilding squad, has been a leader prior to the Canucks, has been tutored by 2 very good leaders in Hank and Danny, brings it every game, great with the media. We're actually very lucky to have Bo with all of his attributes. Many teams (Toronto comes to mind) just didn't have someone who checked all the boxes. Sutter's time could be limited with Beagle , Pettersson and Gaudette in the fold, and would he even want it. He should wear the A for sure Guddy's not captain material. doesn't have the right demeanor, similar to Kesler. good leader but not necessarily captain Edler's is not resigned yet and is simply too quiet imo Tanev would be ok. Not afraid to speak up, is thrown all tough assignments, cool cucumber, but he is injury prone As @mikeyman109 stated who the heck know whats goes on behinds closed doors.. Should be either rotating A''s or Bo this season.
  12. [Official] 2018 Training Camp Thread

    Hindsight is everything but Green said the decision was made because Brock was showing some fatigue after playing heavy minutes in the preseason. He could do exactly the same with Pettersson if he see's his game tailing off even if he is our top producer before games really matter. maybe he was wrong, but the one thing that is clear is that Green runs the show and commands respect. I'm good with that.
  13. [Official] 2018 Training Camp Thread

    Now that we have some serious prospect artillery coming this year, the push will hopefully force JB cards and move a Gagner-esque type player in favour of Hockeygaud-ish type player. Will be fun to see the pressure on every position, and how the bubble players handle it.
  14. Vancouver's 3 new free agents

    Being an all in #4 fan, this almost made throw the TV out the window, but it was too damn heavy and of course dad would have chucked me out the window