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  1. we should get past Chicago, Minnesota, Arizona to knock on the door. San Jose, Vegas, Colorado, Winnipeg have all lost depth in their lineup so if injuries take their toll on any of these teams they could be in trouble. especially San Jose and Winnipeg. If we have a "normal" injury year instead of top 3 for the past 3 years, we have an excellent chance to get in
  2. Here are points totals of last years players being possibly replaced by this years, at least to start Baer, Sutter or another player may be gone so this is as of now. This can be up for debate but it just goes to show the production increase that we hope to get this year with the offensive depth added. 2018-19- points before acquisitions Granlund- 22 Gaudette- 12- may start in AHL Schaller- 10 Leipsic- 5 Hutton-20 Gudbranson- 10 Pouliot- 12 Total- 91 ___________________________ 2018-19 replacement player points past year Miller- 47 Pearson- 27 Ferland- 40 Leivo- 18 Myers- 31 Hughes- 35 projected.- he had 3 point in 5 games so had to tail this projection back somewhat as certain don't expect 50 points Benn- 22 Total - 220
  3. For all the Boeser trade/signing fear mongering happening, this signing has nothing to do with Boeser's future signing with us. We have the room, and he will probably sign for 6.5 -7.0M. The only way this impacts Boeser is the benefit of gaining a great teammate that will stick up for him, Petey and Hughes It's all good!
  4. Another reason to keep Virtanen as he is 1 of 3 right hand shot wingers while they have a 10 lefties. something has to give with Goldy, Eriksson, Baertschi, Schaller
  5. Upon signing Micheal Ferland, Canucks introduce new intro song....:)
  6. damn, had the stress level right up there.:) thanks
  7. Yes! Sutter has to be on cap dump/ trading block with this deal at some point before Roussel returns. Miller fortunately can play center barring injuries to one of Gaudette, Petey, Bo, Beagle. Cannot wait to see this team October!
  8. Option 1 : include a 1st rounder to unload his contract Option 2 : Include a good prospect or young player like Demko, Virtanen, maybe Gaudette Option 3 : take back an ugly contract like Lucic Option 4 : Keep him for another year , pay his bonus and re-look at our options to unload a 2 year contract which will be easier to swallow. Option 5: Buyout / send to Utica where we don't save nearly enough to sign a top 6 forward anyway Eriksson will not refuse to play, or retire. He still feels he has gas in the tank. From the Canucks point of view, its looking like option 4 is the best solution which they will have to mend the fences, and hope for better season to up his value for 2020-2021. Most disgruntled employees can turn the page if they're handled the right way and be used for all of their strengths which Eriksson still possesses to certain extent. It's on Green and JB to work things out with him, motivate him to get a trading partner after the season, and utilize the plethora of little things to maximize their return.:)
  9. Last year we came into the season not expecting anything to change, as a matter of fact we would take a step back with 3 out of our top 5 offensive players on their way out. We improved our production, points and were virtually in every game. This year we haven't really lost anyone (Hutton for Benn) and added 3 solid contributors to the top of our lineup in Hughes, Miller and Myers. Calgary, Edmonton, LA, Anaheim, Winnipeg, Vegas, Minnesota and Chicago have all either leveled out or taken a step back. We have clearly taken a step forward. There is no reason to think we don't at least make the playoffs, and hopefully win a round, right?
  10. I'm on the JB blind fan club by any means, but on key trades he has been very focused on getting his guy and than has simply been unlucky on the injury front. Sutter and Dorsett are 2 good examples. Sutter, when healthy was ( and still may be) an excellent shutdown 3rd line center to stabilize our younger core. He can go up against any top center and effectively shut them down most of time. He was pretty healthy before coming to the Canucks but that changed awfully quickly and you know the rest. Dorsett same thing, slightly over paid but extremely valuable bottom 6 guy that we sorely needed. This combined with having no assets to trade, and players not including the Canucks on their trade list due to no fault of JB is another problem he has had to face. Now that we have Petey, Brock and Hughes we're a more desirable teams for players to join, but this is really just the last year if that. Key UFA signings Vrbata- B Miller- B Gagner- F MDZ- F Eriksson- F Roussel- B Beagle- C Vanek- B This is the big concern IMO. He's pushing hard to ice a playoff team and may sign players that end up being bad contracts when we need the cap the most. Although he has made some decent signings, we're still not a playoff team, so although we have the young horses, we may still need to over pay for a guy like Myers which will only slow our true build. Stralman, or a second tier RD, and possibly a Tanev upgrade would be the preference for this move.
  11. It sucks on the Canucks Cap front, but full kudos to Lou for retiring. He returned the favour to the team that took him that also bailed us out after his miss treatment in his final Canucks year. In the end 2.2 mill difference will not make or break our next few seasons. Just look at Anaheim taking a 6 million cap hit next year for Corey Perry.
  12. Congrats to Lou on an outstanding Career! Lots of ups and downs but taking us to the cup final was the icing.. The recapture rule looks like 3033.206 for 3 years less the 800K retained = 2233.206 for each 3 years is this correct or do we still get nailed with 800K as well?
  13. Not qualifying Poo, Granny and Hutty means we will be a vastly improved team next year.... going with that philosophy although i still hope Hutton agrees to 3 x 3 Mil or so..
  14. This. I don't see him fitting with Brock- Petey, but rather Bo- Pearson. He needs to get some straight games in though to get the shift in , shift out effort that his line mates are putting in. If he could figure it out to the point Baer did with his board work after a year of in and out of the lineup, he has a chance to be a 40-50 point player.... and then we trade him.