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  1. can knock Myer for taking a penalty but he's not taking crap from minny for nailing Horvat
  2. Jake is a game changer and he's got something to prove tonight ... so far so good!
  3. Lack of playoff experience showed up tonight. They gotta put this one behind them, bring in JV for more speed and aggressive boards battles.
  4. Agreed, the flames should be worried, very worried... We have as good a chance as Minny to win, but Marky needs to be in mid season form. Also i think without fans, our younger stars may have a better chance to focus on the game at hand...
  5. Eriksson over Sutter for game 1 he looked good at camp and plays as good or better defensive game
  6. Happy with that period.. Brock and Petey looking very good. Hope Ferland stays healthy and wreaks havoc out there!