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  1. Have to think there's more to the firing besides performance. How quickly he's snapped up may help explain this, but in the meantime we have the longest serving coach in the
  2. We got better as the game went on. just 3 high danger chances in the third must not include posts, missed open nets....
  3. We played well and should have won this. I don't care what the score was. Bo, Petey, Miller, Myers, Motte, Pearson, Hughes, Fantenberg, Celly all with good games and the others played well enough. They should walk out of the house of horrors feeling decent about it, move on and ready to go against the dogs.
  4. Their D is pretty thin so just need to expose them , score 4 goals with an Eriksson EN and we got this, or.................... its a blow out...
  5. tough luck that period. we held most of the play they score on a breakaway/ open net and we don't. gotta get the next one
  6. Whoa , Green the master at challenges! get it together guys...
  7. I hope we're 'doing it right on the wrong side of town' tonight and not them #powderbluesband
  8. Carey Price is $#@sed about this too. 2-0 Montreal over the turtles in the 3rd. Cheers Carey!
  9. That's the most enjoyable suspension play viewed this year. good on Kass. Don't disagree with it, but cannot believe Tkachuk didn't get called on 2 illegal hits IMO so we have a new rat that has taken the torch. Jan 29th revenge match will be a good one.
  10. Winterpeg is -6 and we're -20 in the interior.... WTH Need to right that wrong with a victory! 4-2 for the cool cats.. Lui the specialist with the EN
  11. They played a pretty tidy game up until halfway through the third. high danger chances show 10-7 for Minnesota for the game with the majority in that span. Overall a pretty close game and Marky sealed the deal for us in the end. while he's hot I hope he should play Winterpeg and then Green gives Demko the net for Thursday or Saturday.
  12. Yes thanks @JamesB for your comments , always well thought and as a bonus I now can refer to Natural Stat Trick. Had been hunting for those detailed games stats.:)