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  1. Green is smarter the many arm-chairs coaches give him credit for. He understands his young team is going to make mistakes, fail badly at times, and succeed wildly at other times. All through this his keeps the emotions in check as a good coach would, especially when your stars are mostly 24 and under. I'm sure he's considered one the better coaches in the league by his peers right now.
  2. Its not a Leafs jersey so you should get out alive.:)
  3. Looking at the schedule Domingue would likely play 3 of the next 15 games if Marky is out 3 weeks. Green has to watch the back to backs very carefully when slotting Domingue in. possibly play Demko in Montreal and Ottawa , Domingue against TO, and Demko for the back to back against Columbus the night after. still a feel for how he's doing but need to rest him at the right times. will be interesting how he's managed.
  4. yes it can be Just confirmed with Dr Mark Recchi on that in which he concurs.:)
  5. yes, KB3 was talking Dallas going all the way but Vegas, ST Louis would be the 2 biggest threats in the west imo. Tampa should win it all but a couple injuries or a hot goalie can always put an end to the obvious choice
  6. Agreed I hope he's resigned for a couple years. Benn started out really well but has really had challenges moving the puck and breaking up cycles. It doesn't seem to matter who he's paired with plus was expecting more physicality from him. I hope Baumer and him figure it out if the 'I' word happens on D
  7. This is Demko's time to shine but having a back up with experience will take the pressure off rather than having MD called up. Totally makes sense , as did the Toffoli Trade so far. Really liked the Benning presser today as he talked pretty openly about the team overall. Noticed he didn't bring up Benn when talking about his top 6 depth on D. Lets hope the Canucks win the games they're supposed to win starting with Montreal, and make this road trip a success leaving them in the top 3 in the Pacific.
  8. Trending #eriksson Eriksson's so popular with Canucks fans that he slides in on all conversations and threads....
  9. That's why Fantenberg is preferred over Benn with his push back when players take liberties. We should can get more from Jake , Rouss and a few others tonight and hopefully that happens
  10. I wonder what fans would appreciate more. Losing , but not taking crap from the Bruins. This includes drawing a few retaliation penalties but standing up for your mates. or Winning by scoring on the PP , and not retaliating to a cheap hit or 2 hmmm... should take a poll.
  11. Would gladly move him to Horvats line and Eriksson to the 3rd He was a pleasant surprise last year when playing with higher skilled players. His play making is underrated and he has not really gelled with Gaudette. I think this is in part to his Injury that may be holding him back somewhat. Hopefully that does a 100% recovery if it is an issue for him now.
  12. prefer Stecher - Benn- 12 min Edler - Myers- 20 min
  13. hate pumping the Bruins on CDC but watching their positioning on pucks is impressive. Comes with teammates being together for years and automatically knowing you're covered properly when you pinch or take that risk. good tape to watch for our young guns and vets that will get there hopefully sooner than later.
  14. The stars are aligning so far 1-0 bruin over coilers 1-0 Dallas over howlers
  15. 5-2 Canucks bounce back game with TT getting one of the goals. Motte brings the 4th line back to life and sets the stage for a high energy game. CGC!
  16. Ahh no black outs tonight. Sportnet phone support folks will be very happy
  17. What a great time to be a Canucks fan this week. The Sedins deserve every minute of praise that has come their way. Such selfless positive individuals who truly have left their mark on the team. An exciting team full of young stars in 1st place in the pacific that will only get better every year as they mature. Our top 5 scorers are the youngest of all playoff positioned teams this year in which some credit should go to the coaching staff for letting this talent flourish while maintaining a competitive team that can win games against anyone, any night. Regardling Kesler, rather than talking about what he did and shouldn't have done with the Canucks in the media for the last 2 weeks , maybe he should focus his energy's this week off of himself, and on his two ex teammates that deserve a ton of credit for his career.
  18. Good to see our physicality cranked up! Zack and Bailey stay for Chicago Good feel win
  19. Time for a line brawl to get all the pent up anger dealt with
  20. Time out right now would be good. Calm those youngsters down