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  1. I'm sure Green has had all of these Virtanen thoughts above, and thus controls his minutes knowing he's still developing and has said over and over he is moving in the right direction this year. He was pretty frustrated with him last year calling him out, and as well this training camp. Since then, and especially last 10 games it feels like the switch was turned on, and he's understanding his game better. His passing is the biggest improvement i've seen, along with his consistency. Not quite top 6 but after resigning myself to thinking of him as having a ceiling of a third liner with some offensive upside, he's showing more patience with the puck to fit in to the top 6. he stills makes some slashing and chippy boneheaded plays, including last night where he could have called a couple times, but improving there as Green gives him the tough love he needs. he's like an tweener power forward right now still learning his craft
  2. Think he's been working on that since Movember.... 2016
  3. Just want to see hits, hits, hits to get the motor running and gain their confidence back. Glad to see the motor line back together, they could really set the tone like they did before Beagle went down GCG!
  4. Looking at player performance individually. Over achieved or trending in the right direction- Miller, Leivo, Virtanen, Gaudette, Petey, Marky, Pearson, Hughes Under achieved- Benn, Myers, Eriksson No Change- Horvat, Boeser, Tanev, Schaller, Demko, stecher Injuries affecting performance- Edler, Sutter, Beagle, Ferland, Roussel, Out the 4 players picked up in the summer, 1 has overachieved, the other 3 haven't so yes , we have on paper improved our roster , but we haven't on the ice. At the very least this is on our defensive system coverage (beat the dead horse) and not getting the most out Myers and Benn. Benn is having his worst Corsi year in 5-6 years. Yes we have 10 new players starting this year learning our system but we're almost half way through the season so cant use that reasoning anymore. Baumer for sure should be a healthy scratch moving forward
  5. should clarify. they are top 4 mean #3, and #4 D men when a team has a top 2 pairing. we dont.
  6. This situation reminds me of a products and services business. You have the people to sell the product (ie score goals as we have overall) and then your have your support staff that service those sales (ie defense/PK) If you continue to make mistakes and provide poor customer service which in turn are impacting your sales you fire your service manager (ie Baumgartner) so your sales group (offense ) can feel confident in doing their job again. Firing Baumer right now makes sense and bringing an outsider, with experience. Not an Ex Canuck but some one who can provide new clarity on running the defensive system and someone that Green has to respect. We should have been looking for awhile but of we don't have someone right away , let him go anyway so players can have a new voice at the bench , maybe Malholtra. If we don't show a change and missed the playoffs then Green goes at the end of the year when there's a decent pool of fired coaches to choose from.
  7. OK close this out boys. Jake looks primed to be in on a goal here
  8. We're 8th on the injury list this year and really haven't lost any top 6 guys (Ferland I consider a middle 6), but did lose our depth at center which in the same respect impacted our top 6 quite a bit with Bo being our only shutdown center. However, fingers crossed as we've been in the top 3 for the last 3 years with less depth in those years, so way better off now. Only Edler is significant so shouldn't be using that as an excuse.
  9. Happy with line change up, especially Tanev and Hughes back together. They have looked great most of the season, so carry on Coach Green and refrain from pulling out your mix master tonight.
  10. The concern with Demko are his 2 concussions and Knee injury in the past year. To let Marky go and load the pressure on him even with a Vet backup would be a risky move. Signing Marky to a shorter term, trading Demko and continue to develop MD may be the steadier plan as our team improves. A little paranoid here given our current status with concussed players.
  11. Willie handles the Lefty's and KB3 handles the righty's, Divide and conquer
  12. Replace Baumer with KB3. He can not only whip the D system into place, but take over Green's interviews with the media. Win, Win
  13. OK Green, you're wearing out "we're a young team" after losses and breakdowns. Getting sick of that reasoning when Benn, Myers, Horvat , Pearson have poor nights. Good night for Boeser, Jake, and Petey overall, and great experience for MD
  14. Canucks are 4-1-1 with Motte in the lineup. Let the trend continue boys.