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  1. Happy with line change up, especially Tanev and Hughes back together. They have looked great most of the season, so carry on Coach Green and refrain from pulling out your mix master tonight.
  2. The concern with Demko are his 2 concussions and Knee injury in the past year. To let Marky go and load the pressure on him even with a Vet backup would be a risky move. Signing Marky to a shorter term, trading Demko and continue to develop MD may be the steadier plan as our team improves. A little paranoid here given our current status with concussed players.
  3. Willie handles the Lefty's and KB3 handles the righty's, Divide and conquer
  4. Replace Baumer with KB3. He can not only whip the D system into place, but take over Green's interviews with the media. Win, Win
  5. OK Green, you're wearing out "we're a young team" after losses and breakdowns. Getting sick of that reasoning when Benn, Myers, Horvat , Pearson have poor nights. Good night for Boeser, Jake, and Petey overall, and great experience for MD
  6. Canucks are 4-1-1 with Motte in the lineup. Let the trend continue boys.
  7. miller- petey - Brock pearson- bo- leivo rouss- Sutts- jake gaud- beagle- motte schaller- scratch Even though Schaller - beagle- motte was a solid 4th line, don't see Gaudette or anyone else sitting this out
  8. teams know van's between a rock and hard place and will wait for the buyout They could sign him to a 1 year deal for 800K as a show me /no risk contract after buyouts done. unfortunate writing on the wall here
  9. Seeing a buyout imminent with no team taking on that risk and salary next year. 1,766M in 2020, and 800K in 2021 but would we take the balance of his cap hit this year still....
  10. So does this mean they have a team interested but didn't want to offer up a pick? Or is it just goodwill to show Baertschi they're doing what they can to move him.
  11. Some need to calm their expectations with this team. Before the season started we were projected as a bubble team to make the playoffs and 3 points out with games in hand, that's exactly where we're at. We're building a team around 3 calder winners or candidates which not many teams can boast about so the future looks incredibly bright, but with that young team the roller coaster ride is going to be more extreme while players develop. People think this rebuild has been since we fired Torts, but it really has only been about 2-3 years since just before the Sedins retired IMO Miller, Pearson, Leivo, Jake, and Gaudette in our top 9 are all playing above expectations so our forward group is worthy of a playoff bound team even without Ferland, and Motte right now. Some of the credit goes to Green as he plays them to their strengths. Anyway I think we're still heading the right direction with fast and heavy team built for playoffs, while navigating those speed bumps with our young guns and we're only going to get better.
  12. Every word related to "concussion" is a lawsuit waiting to happen with the NHL. Wondering if they have their own protocol with all teams on how exactly they need to word concussion reports to the public
  13. While Hughes and Myers looked great offensively, they are a risk in the D zone. Would like to go to Hughes - Tanev Fantenberg - Myers- Fantenberg has shown quite well so far Benn- Stecher To balance things out and bring some offense from all of the pairings until Edler returns. Trading a winger for another 6-7 D man has to be top priority for them as well.
  14. Unreal Anderson shutting the door. Can hang our heads , we outplayed them... onward and forward we go
  15. Walkers is clueless and an embarrassment for Sportsnet IMac and Murph both must be shaking their heads.
  16. Now that's entertainment Will come down to the tenders with offense flowing both ways, but we have Hughes. Nuff said
  17. and Beagle, Schaller need to be on their game tonight in shutdown/ PK and expect to see the Crazy Eight line 26-18-88 make some noise again crashing the net and the boards Our depth is what will win this game.
  18. Don't know why the 7pm PST start outside of the fact that there must be some extra benefit to Toronto , not Vancouver.
  19. To me its less about the fans and more about the organization, thinking the leafs are Canada's team (Babcock said it himself) when there are 7 teams in Canada equally. Never been a fan of Shanny either well before he started with the Leafs and now over paying players and coaches alike. Just the attitude. Leafs fans honestly have been extremely patient considering the last 20 years of pain they've endured. anyway hoping the Canucks bring not only the offense but our physicality down on them hard like we should with "a team like that" lol
  20. Yeah, how is that even possible , Canuck fan that doesn't hate the Leafs..... pffft! a friendly Slewfoot to Kerfoot could be in order....