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  1. Seems like we got another Virtanen for Jensen + 6th.
  2. The red shirt guy with the porn stache was so annoying.
  3. They should be doing Crossfit instead.
  4. Woooo!!!!!! Wish it was 2015 so we could've gotten Kylington. Oh well!
  5. Anyone can play 3rd line but they may not be as competent as Higgins is as a 3rd liner.
  6. Glad that Eddie got traded. Didn't step up when needed.
  7. Finally, been calling for him to be traded for the past 2 years.
  8. dumb signing. Would've prefered Mike Richards at 4mil
  9. Fire Benning and Linden. Everyone knows that this years draft is the Connor McDavid draft. I don't see why we shouldn't tank for a generational talent like Connor. Instead, we're "building for the playoffs". One which we will not make out of 1st round if we do get in.
  10. The AHL is the pros.
  11. This is so bad. Sounds like aboriginal music (not saying aboriginal is bad, but not hockey goal song appropriate).
  12. Horvat. Shouldn't have too many young guns on the team at once.
  13. They can't please everyone at a hockey game. Should play some country music. I mean, who doesn't like country?
  14. Brad Richardson? Sestito? What has Zalewski done to deserve to be on the team? Same with Lain? Bo Horvat on left wing? Gaunce on 3rd line? OHL/AHL before NHL You trade Burrows and Hansen to have capspace, yet you don't use the capspace.... So much wrong
  15. Matt Moulson or Cammy 3 years 5mil per Vrbata 4mil 3 years Sell at deadline Acquire draft picks/prospects Success