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  1. It's not morals. It's called work ethic. Do you think I've never worked low paying jobs before? I'm simply stating my view on the way the working world operates these days. I read the thread, and stated my opinion on what it takes in this world. I'm entitled to mine just as much as you are to yours. Fair enough?
  2. Medicine actually. The type of thing that actually contributes to society. Unlike your failed juvenile attempt at comedy.
  3. You people are all ridiculous! Whatever happened to taking pride in being good at your job? Being the best? If that means showing up a little early or staying a little late then that is what it takes. Nobody successful, and I do mean NOBODY, ever got ahead by bitching about coming to work early or staying late. Has being prepared for your job become that much of a foreign concept to people? I'm sorry if I am ranting but there are far too many people out there that float by with a sense of entitlement. Their attitude is "what's the minimum amount of work that I am required to do today? I will not do more than this unless I am compensated for it!". Good luck getting ahead in the world this way. Too many people expect things handed to them or feel they are entitled to something. Let me tell you something, you are not entitled to anything. Be thankful you have a job when there are others that do not. If you aren't willing to do this job, then there are plenty of others that are. Eat or be eaten. That is how you win in this world. I do not get paid hourly, I work 9+ hours a day plus probably another hour or so in the evenings at home doing emails, research, you know....stuff that will make me better at my job. I don't get compensated for this. I am not asked to do this. I do it because I want to be the best. And here's a shocker pays off! Every year since I started my job I have received a pay raise of over $10,000. I make double what I made 5 years ago. And it's from hard work. So I don't have sympathy for complainers or people that aren't willing to put in work. You want something? Put in the work!
  4. I thought he just looked at the soap dispenser and kind of reflected for a minute. Didn't he punch that thing back in season one when he was first diagnosed? I thought he just kind of noticed that it was still there after all this time. It could be just me but when Walt saw the fist indent I took it as him taking a moment to reflect why he started cooking in the first place. He did it so he could leave his family something once the cancer got him. I think seeimg that put everything back into perspective for him and it is why he decided to get out of the business. I dont think we can conclude with certainty that the cancer is back just yet.