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  1. "Johnny Football" needs to be "hot in Cleveland".
  2.     Especially Manziel...
  3. I expect great things from "Boner".
  4. I'll never understand human beings...
  5. "CFL ain't real football."
  6. I have some sympathy for Rob Ford.
  7. "Dallas Buyers Club". 8/10.
  8. The Boston Bruins are overrated.
  9. I hope he won't have to hit rock bottom to realize he has a problem. I wish him the best of luck in his attempt to sober up. I hope people will leave him alone and that he will be able to find AA groups he will attend without being bothered.
  10. The Canucks and John Tortorella were a mismatch.
  11. You know it's a bad sign when the best part of a movie is when it's over.
  12. "Prisoners"-8/10
  13. Here's my Semen (Pavlichenko) again! I love Semen!
  14. My favourite athlete is Semen Pavlichenko, from Russia. He takes part in the luge competition. Go Semen go! Semen all the way!