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    the canucks what else?!
  1. yay Its pinned! Finally!
  2. who do you guys think I should get for a jersey? Le toux or Camilo?
  3. Heard Barry Robson is quite decent playing for middlesborough...looks like the caps finally have their midfielder.
  4. I think we should run a 4-3-1-2 with camilo playing that CAM position and Hassli and Le toux up front. I am stoked for march 10!
  5. we have finshers now no question but I just want to know who is going to be setting up offensive supply line in midfield and getting these guys the ball?
  6. bye bye Jarju...hello Le toux. 12 goals for Camilo last year. 11 for hassli 11 for Le toux ...scoring should not be a problem. If our Back line can stay Healthy and build chemistry I think it will be fine as well. Its the midfield especially defensivly I am still worried about.
  7. Lana Del Rey <3
  8. Here is my team any thoughts? Drafted 4th out of 10 Daniel Sedin. Henrik zetterberg. Jeff skinner .Patrick sharp. Loui erikkson . Ryan clowe. Keith yandle. Brent burns . Ryan suter . John Carlson. Michael cammalerri Alex tanguay Evander Kane Brayden schenn Gabriel landeskog . Goalies are ryan miller and Martin Brodeur.
  9. Any tips for the yahoo draft? Ie what rounds are a good time to draft goalies and defensemen.
  10. Really bittersweet night. Bye empire. what happens now? They aren't going to tear it down are they?
  11. Last game at empire. Anyone else going? Going to be a blast tomorrow!
  12. Devils tears- angus and julia stone.
  13. It says that you can download the caps to FIFA 11. I saw it on the boards behind nolly. Anyone know how to do this?
  14. Clint Marlechuck....I think i got his last name wrong but you get the idea.