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  1. GDT Canucks vs Oilers, Sunday October 18th 6pm

    "I'm a miserable Canucks fan so everyone else should be too because they sucked in the 80's and 90's" Makes sense
  2. He probably checks CDC shhhhh.
  3. Did Torts really need to start our goons in January 2014?

    Don't push me
  4. First goal of the season?

    Pacioretty... damn
  5. GDT: Around the NHL Week of October (05-09) 2015

    too cheap to hire an anthem singer?
  6. First goal of the season?

    Bo Horvat Dale Weise Bank on it.
  7. [Waivers] Corrado and Vey on Waivers

    Vey will probably be called back up once Higgins is placed on LTIR.
  8. Habs fans saying his shoulders are done though, he gets injured and we're screwed
  9. We gave up the 5th
  10. They might have to cancel the Summer Summit. I am so glad I'm going, it's going to be a gong show!
  11. [Trade] Martin Jones to San Jose

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Jones an RFA right now?
  12. [Official] 2015 NHL Entry Draft Thread

    He's burning a few more now after that comment
  13. PDF: (1) Anaheim Ducks vs (3) Calgary Flames

    feels good
  14. [GDT] R1G5: Canucks vs. Flames | CGY leads series 3-1

  15. Lol please tell me they're messing with us.