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  1. "Lemme wobble to me corner"
  2. Yikes, not looking good for mcgregor
  3. Looks like Mayweather is starting to take over
  4. I get them quite often, don't know why exactly. As far as treatment goes, I use Mouth Ulcer Gel which is a god-send. I'm using this one currently (don't remember how I got my hands on it, since it seems like a UK product): http://www.boots.com/en/Boots-Mouth-Ulcer-Gel-15g_843475/
  5. I bet Mess phoned him... that guy! Can't wait for 35 years from now when McDavid is going to be phoning up all the players, and getting them to go to Edmonton! Golly!
  6. Edmonton doesn't have the team to compete either... I don't understand why people say this.
  7. You guys get really worked up over one tweet... We're not going to lose draft picks. If it's true he might get a small fine, it's not a big deal.
  8. Well the sky is going to fall on us (just the Canucks and their fans) before he makes a decision anyways so we're all good.
  9. Elliotte retweeted a bogus tweet from Taj. Sure there were salty Canucks fans on Twitter but Brock never tweeted anything out about that. Taj is an embarrassment.
  10. They'll pick Russell over Hamhuis
  11. If one of the Sedins fights then this season wasn't a total loss.
  12. HFboards crapped out?