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  1. Sure Deb. I will let it go. Really the last thing I want to do is argue, I was just honestly upset about our part in the lost point. I'm a little insulted that you question my passion though. I guess Canadians that are not born in one of the 7 Canadian hockey cities don't measure up to you lofty folks. Have a good day.
  2. Yes, I understand clearly the calls were made but complaining about the refs after a game gets you nowhere. It's bad sportsmanship. It's the nature of sports and only poor sports call out the refs time and time again. You talk about reality? Accept it then. Game is over we lost. The things we could control like getting the puck out of our zone when it counted, we didn't do. That's the bottom line. We didn't get it done ... and unfortunately the reffing did screw us but you can't rely on the refs to help you out. I guess you're right in that this game we really did get screwed. I'm just sick and tired of the constant complaining about every little thing, especially by a select group of people. If you play sports you will understand that it gets pretty hard to live with yourself if all you do after every game is complain about the refs. After awhile you realize that while getting screwed by the refs is part of the game most of the time you just weren't good enough.
  3. Lol, yeah it never really occurred to me that these next four out the last seven are extremely important.
  4. I thought for sure earlier in the year that Dorsett was the number one ufa to be re-signed because of what he brings but the more I watch the more it seems that others can replace what he brings at that price tag. With money being tight and he commanding such a big salary for a bottom line player he may be gone.
  5. Still got to love all the people that don't quite grasp hockey, yet have watched it for years, and blame it on the refs. Ah children are our future.
  6. Also has an "S" in his name.
  7. I guess you get old you just want to win! Scratch that I always want to win but knowing when to hold em knowing to fold em gets a lot easier when you're older. Maybe we're just to chompy at the bit. Which is good.
  8. Best position for L.A. to choke in. They're in but Calgary is on their tails.
  9. Yeah he could be huge in the playoffs but I get what you're saying completely. So surprised if JB just let's him walk away but I would be so refreshed after Gillis because this isn't the stock exchange. You don't necessarily need return on your investment in hockey. You just need a good team that stays under the cap.
  10. I remember playing pro soccer for the first time and my coach tried to tell me we had to pass it out of the back instead of pumping it out of the 18 when we usually just gave it up. You can't have possession of the game if you do that so I understand the motto of always passing it out of your own end but in a condensed rink you have to do it sometimes. We would have won if would have done that but we stuck to that game. I can't decide if that's good or not but I sure as hell respect it ... but it drives me crazy since I play on a bad team.
  11. Thanks for getting the point. Super dissapointed in the game management by our team. Absolutely atrocious and embarrassing. That game should have been ours but they were too dumb this game. Coaching or just dumb playing I can't tell but I think it's adjustment in coaching again. Great way to start the game but you have realize and make concessions to win games .. which we didn't do, and lost the game for us. Oh well, we got a point, huge for such a bad mental performance combined with a terrific physical performance.
  12. GET IT OUT !!!
  13. Of course most of the rest of CDC is blind to that side of the equation. One thing I've learned in sports is it's hurting to blame the referees. It is what it is to steal a quote.
  14. So many opportunities to get the puck out. I guess we're done with that. So frightening.
  15. So sick of the Canucks game management. But I'll take that you idiots. Just don't blow it now. DON'T PUT THE SEDINS OUT !!!!