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  1. Just tuned in, who was that Smith guy that was just on with Cassels? He is huge. Edit: Ah I think that's they guy that shot up the charts last year. Flames property boo. Lindberg with the hattrick, Ottawa pick from the fourth round.
  2. Hopefully he makes the Leafs next year and just gets crushed.
  3. Are people still watching that show? Let me guess they're still holed up somewhere not solving the problem and running around in circles fighting groups of people that for some reason want to kill them.
  4. From a guy that will never play in the NHL. Yeah I'd say so.
  5. Spiders and Grasshoppers, haha. I'm not a huge fan of either. I'll eat it but I never order myself. I have to agree with you J.R. I do you like some fish though. Halibut is my favorite.
  6. Trade for Cup?
  7. Kellan Lain?
  8. Super Asshat I would never want to be around him.
  9. The thing is he was already only worth a borderline possible 2nd and that game certainly didn't help any of the fears teams would have about his AHL year being indicative of being able to make the jump. Hopefully he gets a game soon and plays well.
  10. that + is for maplelaffs but whatevs ... pretty funny
  11. Gillis did some great things as a rookie GM, however the 3 years in the end where he stared into the headlights of an upcoming car may be the nail in the coffin for that situation. Not to mention some of the insanely stupid moves he made plus his whale size ego may be huge stumbling blocks. Like someone else mentioned though he may get hired out of desperation for someone looking for a completely different angle.
  12. Oh for sure ... it's funny how CDC can be sometimes though. I'm getting a little tired of everyone penciling him on all these lines like for instance: Do you think, Shinkaruk McCaan Virtanen might score 90 goals combined next year as our second line? No wonder people get disgruntled with our players.
  13. Hopefully he can make it but I'm starting to have doubts .... or rather they are being confirmed. I guess I've just always had realistic expectations for a 24 overall pick, about a 25% chance of making the NHL. I definitely think he will be in the AHL for the entire next year and maybe another after that before he is even close.
  14. That line is not that great, besides injuries defensively it is the biggest stumbling block to us being a good team. They are all great role players but nobody on that line scares anybody on the creative side. They are a hard working bunch that get chances playing good defence, from checking hard, and can put the puck in the net when the opportunity arises, however, they are not owners of the ice when they are on because they don't possess a player that intimidates the other team. This allows the other teams to control the pace, style, and the game itself. While I love the effort they put in the line itself leaves a lot to be desired.