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  1. 3-2 Canucks D. Sedin Hansen Horvat Karlsson Turris
  2. Tryamkin would be a better option than Larsen. It's time to put the big T in. He says he's NHL ready, so let's give him a chance. He has a hard and accurate shot from the point. Although Larsen is a good puck-mover for the PP, he needs to work on his accuracy when shooting. Unless he intentionally misses, he has to shoot harder in order to be more effective.
  3. 4-0 Canucks Jannik Hansen
  4. 4-3 Canucks Daniel Sedin
  5. You win some, you lose some.
  6. 7-1 Canucks Baertschi Horvat Virtanen Subban x2 Tryamkin Gaunce Goldobin
  7. We're winning the Cup with the Sedins next season. Sedins will reach 100 points each. Horvat will win the Selke. Baertschi will hit the 30 goal plateau. Matthews/Laine/Puljujarvi/Tkatchuk/Nylander/Dubois/Chychrun will have a Crosby-like rookie season. McCann will score 20-25 goals as the scoring 3rd line centre. Virtanen will score 18 goals and be a physical presence. Hansen scores 20+ goals again. Higgins will score 15 goals as a 4th liner/sub. Dorsett will score 15 goals as well while also fighting every other night. Burrows scores 20 goals and reignites his two-way game. Etem rips it up and scores 20 goals with 20 helpers. Sutter scores 21 goals and gets 12 assists while still being a foundational piece. Granlund will improve his defensive game and his scoring touch with 16 goals. Gaunce has a Horvat-like second half after struggling offensively in the first half. Rodin is the next Panarin, 61 points. Boeser wins the Hobey Baker Award and beaks all scoring records in the NCAA. Okposo scores 40 goals Subban will make the team out of camp and be ridiculously productive: 20 goals. Hutton will find his scoring touch. Tryamkin will be our best defenseman next season. Edler becomes the old offensive Edler, 45 points. Tanev scores 30 points and has the most blocks in the league. Olsen plays for Utica and becomes AHL MVP. Pedan becomes the designated hitter for the team; leads the league in hits. Biega scratched because our defense drastically improves; but is still effective when called upon Sbisa is still the highest paid 5/6/7 D on the team. Markstrom splits the starting job with the other goalie 50/50. Demko records 12 straight shutouts in Utica, he is then called up and earns an NHL job. Willie spends the summer with AV and learns how to coach the Twins back to said 100 points players. Bartkowski's mom signs a TV deal for the hit TV show The Flash. Matt Bartkowski retires, scoring all of his NHL goals for the Canucks. Larsen scores 10 points in 20 games with a sub 6/7/8 role. Vey scores 100 the AHL. Weber scores 20 the SEL. Lucic will be terrible and is bought out, loses NHL job and becomes Jordan Spieth's caddy. Vrbata scores 50 the NWHL (women's). Miller asks for a trade because his wife gets a huge offer in Anaheim, Bieksa comes back as part of the deal. Hamhuis signed by another team after being offered 5.5 million x 2 in FA. Prust becomes a salesman and sells groin cups to hockey players worldwide. Fedun gets called up and scores a goal in his first game of the season and is sent down. Grenier has a great summer working out and becomes a powerful scorer in the AHL. Kenins enjoys the press box while cracking jokes at management for not playing him. Cassels has an amazing season in the AHL playing a shutdown role. Zhukenov makes great strides and scores 82 points in the AHL. Zalewski becomes a male-model for Hugo Boss. Gaudette makes it in Utica out of camp. Jasek improves his ceiling and scouts all over the NHL are interested. Jones joins an Australian Football team. LaBate becomes an expert in Quantum Physics. Petit dominates in the AHL for the Comets. Brisebois is stranded in Toronto for 5 hours and comes back as Oliver Queen (Arrow). Cederholm becomes just as good as Lindholm. McEneny wins a pie eating contest in a small town. Neill becomes a Lawyer. Sautner invents the world's first waterproof sandwich. Stewart grows another 2 inches and evolves into John Scott 2.0. Williamson goes back to Leduc and hangs out with my friend who lives there. Cannata becomes the Top Chef who only uses cheese as the main ingredient. Bachman lives in China for a year and learns how to speak Mandarin. Green becomes co-head coach for the Canucks. Fox actually turns into a fox. Friesen is still with the Comets. Trevor Linden convinces Markus Naslund to take a management role on the team. Benning acquires Mikael Granlund. CDC forgets about Shinkaruk. Weisbrod secretly works for the FBI. Stan Smyl becomes the next Walter White/Heisenberg. Carling is Vintage Canuck. Gear starts a new hockey brand called Gear. Wall gets a slight raise in salary. Johnson learns how to develop player's all-around game by using a rare plant found in the Sahara Desert. Cloutier becomes the new goalie coach. Lidster becomes one of the coaching cards in HUT for EA. Gulutzan starts using Instagram and posts multiple selfies per day. Pearn gets a head coach offer but turns it down because Canucks have a nice pension plan for him. Cooper starts using 4K for all video footage. Melanson is still a great goalie coach. Carnegie consults with Barry Allen for speed advice. O'Neill puts a lucky loonie in every player's equipment. Hamilton brings "brownies" during staff meetings. Stewart brings the sauce. Shute adds a small lucky clover leaf inside all of the player's jerseys pregame. Jukich plays checkers every Monday versus Mike Gillis. De Guzman makes a proposal on CDC and everyone loves it. Penrose +1s De Guzman's posts. Christian Aquilini gets the Employee of the Year award. Celebrini introduces nature performance enhancers to the team. Takahashi has a black belt in every martial art out there. Sanderson is actually Geoff Sanderson's uncle. Zarn invites Kobe for dinner. Renaghan knows one of Donald Trump's secrets. Marshall makes prospects run laps all day. Dr. Regan finds a new way to utilize used socks. Dr. Wilkinson makes his patients wear a Canucks hat during check-ups. Dr. Lim proves marijuana provides more pros than cons. Dr. Cashman money. Dr. Boyco starts an industrial company called Boyco. Brackett finds a gem in the 7th round, advises JB. Delorme finds a HOF in the 5th round (a defenseman). Gradin finds a loophole in the draft and somehow the Canucks get to pick twice in the 2nd round. Crawford purchases a tractor from a John Deere dealer. Henning is Benning with an H instead of the B. Komadoski likes to watch comedy flicks. Lindgren goes to Timmies and wins a free coffee. Addesa pretends to be in a Taylor Swift music video. Bates gets a date with Andi Petrillo. Brandon Benning, self-explained. Chapman is chapped. Chibisov likes coffee ice cream mixed with almonds and chocolate chunks. Cook colours his hair black. DeBlois is Mike Ehrmantraut. Hampson is a pancake man. Hammarstrom finds a diamond in the rough in Europe. Lenardon makes a Youtube review video about microwavable pizza pockets. MacDonald becomes the only person with a carved sculpture of Adele. Palango convinces Messi and Beckham to promote the Canucks' prospects. Smith changes his name to Will Smith. Snepsts fights Wendel Clark one more time and wins. Owner Aquilini will be the richest in Canada when the Canucks win the Cup next season. Buys NBA team. Fin reveals his true identity after the Canucks win the Stanley Cup. All CDC mods will reveal their true identities after the Canucks win Lord Stanley. TSN will still show Leafs highlights after the Canucks win the Cup. Did I cover everyone? Players, Prospects, Management, Coaches, Staff, etc. should all be there. To conclude, everyone in the Canucks organization becomes the best version of themselves.
  8. There's no point giving him a bridge contract, he has already proven that he is a good all-around player. If he has at least 50 points next season while also improving his already strong defensive game, I could see him signing at 5+ million per for at least 3+ years.
  9. ^^^^^ Galchenyuk's goal was nicer but I agree with CaptKirk888, PK Subban's hitting is absolutely incredible. Just one of his hits can change the momentum of the game for the better. Plus his bro Jordan is in our system. Arguably one of the best hits I've ever seen. And Marchand would never score on us ever again.
  10. Yeah it was a combination of 4 numbers. But they never showed which team had which number. So unless they present the 4-digit number they used prior to the draw, they might as well just put a logo on it and have measurement and weight confirmed by a third party. I just want the lottery to be beyond a reasonable doubt. Like have the third party measure and weigh each ball on video prior to putting them all in. There has to be no other reason to question the integrity of the lottery.
  11. Yeah they'd probably want our 1st to 6th pick on top of that. But perhaps with our 31st to 36th pick instead. Then I'm game. I just don't see Edler waiving his NTC while the Sedins are here. And Tanev has a limited NTC (he has to give a list of teams, so it's possible that Montreal isn't one of them).
  12. You guys do know they can rig the lottery balls right? All they have to do is change the size of the ball by the slightest measurement (1mm or less) and it would impact which balls come up. They could also manipulate the weight of the balls to accomplish their goal. Since they used a number combination and not the logo for each team, it makes it much easier to rig. IMO, they should use each team's logo for the ball draw to at least remove some doubt.
  13. They would knock each other out. Just like this: