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  1. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    The same could be said for all of our young players currently on the roster. Just look at his stats: Everything he is doing is trending skywards. He has doubled his progress statistically in every category since last season.  If we want to improve our team now and in the future, I think it's essential that we move Vrbata for a decent pick by the trade-deadline and bring up Hunter to energize the team even more! This way, we can sell the vet(s) while implementing more youth. Nothing against Vrbata personally, he just hasn't done much on the ice lately.
  2. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    Let's move Vrbata and call up Shinkaruk. Please JB! Etem and Shinkaruk have had chemistry. Also Vey.
  3. [PGT] Nucks 3, Canes 2 ....GOALIE CONTROVERSY?!?!

    We could retain some of it back if we do acquire an NHL level back-up. Besides, it's not like it's for 12 years like Lu. But TBH, I wish we still had Lu. Oh well, at least we'll have 6mil in cap space in 2017 to spend on some YOUNGER talent.
  4. [PGT] Nucks 3, Canes 2 ....GOALIE CONTROVERSY?!?!

    Weber was once again terrible tonight.  
  5. 5-1 Canucks Baertschi  Horvat D. Sedin Hutton Vrbata Markstrom has a strong game once again but Weber pots one in his own net with only seconds left destroying Markstrom's shutout. Post-game, Marky beats up Weber and then JB is forced to trade Weber for Hanifin.
  6. It's a Pokemon called Bulbasaur. Lol.  We do have elite offensive talent in the Sedins. Which is why Baer, for the time being, will be playing the secondary offensive role. I truly believe Baertschi is part of the succession plan for after Sedins. I mean why wouldn't he be considering they acquired him and gave him the opportunity to play most nights which he earned by being defensively responsible; according to Willie. Who believes Sven is now a defensive asset. He said that Baer surprised him when he started to play real good in the dirtier areas. Young guys need time to grow, some more time than others. If they have what it takes, they will get there. Not all players explode right when the step into the NHL like Gaudreau, Echel, etc. (Who are given 1st line minutes) We've seen over the past decade how the NHL is slowly but surely filtering out the goons. There's only about 1 or 2 fighters on each team compared to before when you'd have the bottoms 6 filled with goons. There will be room for Baertschi on our team by the time another elite player comes into the line-up whether it is within the organization or not. Detroit is the perfect example of developing your own. IMO we can develop our prospects to be competitive in the NHL for many years to come.
  7. Yeah he was much more than that. I believe it was his playoff performance that lead to Vrbata's uncertainty with the Canucks. Then again the rest of the team wasn't doing much last post-season either. But when you're the #1 RW on the top line with the Twins, you need to produce nightly otherwise peace out.  It probably was Sutter going down that lead to Vrbs going cold for a little bit. He is starting to heat up so we'll see if he is worth keeping for the playoffs, I think we trade him.
  8. Hopefully you'll be HOT for Baer come playoff time.  Why don't they just grow with the JB guys? The missed drafts of MG were only about a 1-2 year span. So there's barely gap between JB guys and the rest of our prospects. I can definitely see what your saying in regards to acquiring guys of that age group albeit only a couple years in range. JB doesn't strike me as a guy with an ego fragile enough to completely favour his picks over others previously chosen by the organization just because they were his picks. There are also several other factors when JB makes a decision like TL and Willie's input. The guys he is bringing in are here to mature with the ones he drafted as well as the rest of the organization. When it comes to young players, he is definitely looking at their long-term future with the Canucks. 
  9. Baertschi is not some temporary space filler. He is the real deal and possesses elite level skill. He is our currently best LW overall aside from Daniel Sedin. What's your reasoning behind that?  Guys like Prust and Vrbata are temporary space fillers while we develop our youth. Vrbata temporarily fills the scoring need while Prust temporarily fills our toughness need. I'd like Vrbata to stay longer but it would be wise to sell him at the trade deadline while he is still worth something. Even Miller is a temporary filler while we develop Marky and Demko. Not up-and-comers like Baer.
  10. Shinkaruk posted that on his Twitter bio prior to being drafted and it's still posted on there today. They were teammates in Medicine Hat. I hope this means we trade Higgins and call up Shinkaruk to reunite the MH connections.
  11. Great trade Benning! Two-way street in which both Etem and Jensen get a chance to re-ignite their careers. 
  12. I was exaggerating about the household names thing. But yes in the past they have drafted better. Although I'm feeling good about Jim Benning's drafting ability and implementation process of our youth.
  13. Proposal: Drouin

    Weber for Drouin straight up. Franchise defensemen like Yannick Weber don't come around often. Tampa would be smart to do this deal since Drouin only has Elite potential, not Franchise like Weber.
  14. Every player they draft becomes a household name at some point. Actually Golubovsky, Wallin and McCollum have played in the NHL. Patrick White did not. Not only is Detroit good at finding talent, but they're also great at developing them. The Canucks on the other hand are good at finding solid undrafted players like Burrows and Tanev or acquiring good late round players like half our line-up in terms of the energy guys.
  15. ** Always Best Player Available **

    I agree, let's get the best player available when we pick 30th after winning the Cup.