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  1. Peter Stastny never gets the respect he deserves. 75th is laughable. I would go Simmons one better and maybe put Howe above Gretz. Six team league. No passengers. No nights off. No AHL calibre goalies. Played all aspects of the game.
  2. I doubt you are my dads generation as he will be 87 this year. I grew up watching lafleur. Loved him but I was the generation that wore my hair long. Beards are the new "uniform" of the wanna be non conformists. My generation says if you have never used an axe or chain saw, lose the beard. At least beards in metro areas now make the d bags easily identifiable. That said, who cares what each generation of hockey player looks like.
  3. Are you using Guy Lafleur as a reference? In his time he was hated for the long hair and the pretty boy persona. My dads generation hated on him for many of the reasons you are hating on Thornton and Burns.
  4. The year or two after the Bertuzzi assault were the worst. Hared to support the team while they continued to support the event.
  5. Then go watch some Junior hockey. Game is still alive and vital at that level. I agree the NHL has dliluted the game to but a memory of what I was watching years ago. Junior hockey is still a great game and they take fewer nights off as they are playing for more than money.
  6. Sakic based solely on Yzermans having put up most of his points in the 80;s.
  7. You cannot miminize how dominant Gretzky was. From the 81/82 season through the 86/87 season he won the scoring race by an average of 73 points. In four of those seasons his assists alone would have won him the scoring race (which is why we used to divide him into goals and assists for pool purposes). Yes the league was higher scoring but he was so much more dominate that anyone else at the time it was staggering. His records are a big deal and always will be, until some day a better player tops them. You want to use asteriks? Put them next to career scoring records as more games per year were added. Gordie Howe played much of his career in a 70 game season or less.
  8. Policy in 2008 wasn't caused by a recession. It was a global financial crisis that had to be dealt with calmly and decisively. There is a reason Canada and its banks came through in much better shape that most western countries. You can disagree in hindsight but the hand on the tiller guided Canada masterfully. And the Canadian banks that received " bailouts" as you call it would have gone under like many many US banks did.
  9. All worthwhile shows that can stand on their own on other networks. Local news will survive as will the best newscasters. No need for my taxes to Subsidize coronation street in prime time.
  10. Schmaltz was far from an animal. Not even a tough middle weight. I bet he wasn't 160 pounds. Got,to see him a lot in the 70's. He was always willing to go but many of his fights had few punches thrown and they just danced. Played on a very tough Bruins team and had to be tough to survive in his era.
  11. Owen Nolan without a doubt.
  12. You said the twins nullified Webber. Now I think you are saying he nullified them. I can't make out what you mean.