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  1. Peter Stastny never gets the respect he deserves. 75th is laughable. I would go Simmons one better and maybe put Howe above Gretz. Six team league. No passengers. No nights off. No AHL calibre goalies. Played all aspects of the game.
  2. No Respect For The GAME!

    I doubt you are my dads generation as he will be 87 this year. I grew up watching lafleur. Loved him but I was the generation that wore my hair long. Beards are the new "uniform" of the wanna be non conformists. My generation says if you have never used an axe or chain saw, lose the beard. At least beards in metro areas now make the d bags easily identifiable. That said, who cares what each generation of hockey player looks like.
  3. No Respect For The GAME!

    Are you using Guy Lafleur as a reference? In his time he was hated for the long hair and the pretty boy persona. My dads generation hated on him for many of the reasons you are hating on Thornton and Burns.
  4. Canucks VS Flames Photoshop Battle

    Could be just about anywhere outside van city.
  5. Any comments consideration of Guy Charon? Just moved himself out of bead coach spot with Kamloops. Might have been aware of this move last week.
  6. Small Markets: Why the NHL needs them

    ARe you talking about small markets or weak markets?
  7. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Burrows tried to turtle (kept his head down, chin to chest) and took bombs from Carcillo until the refs stepped in. Not many connected but still how did Burrows give Carcillo a beating? Personally I hate pests but that comes from years of playing against them. We need him, but I really hate him.