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  1. happy 101th? b-day!!

  2. happy 100th? b-day!!

  3. what are you drinking I want some lol...you are cracking me up tonight...I think its the canucks and their suckiness that is affecting us in funky ways...

  4. Oh how the cage bars do rattle! Just waiting for the microwave popcorn to finish for the viewing of the final death throes of the She-Monster! Hahaha! Senorita Fonzerelli gives two thumbs up to ya, OC!

  5. Received and answered, OC! Check your Inbox! ;) I was away, helping out a friend and didn't see it til last night!

  6. HI- IF MY PM DIDN'T GET THROUGH EMAIL is on my site...

  7. Despite all evidence I am not a product of Turkey Parthiogenesis!

  8. Good stuff!

    Actually, there are one or two Atheist states on Stargate SG1 ,I beleive.

    then again, even THEY are pretty messed up!

    Love Atheists. "Just tell me where it WORKS...



  9. Further to the apology, my email is on profile if desired.

  10. Ok- I do owe you an apology , Sweet Sixteen. Fascist Spain, Italy, & those horrid colons of Algeris, up to 1962 were twentieth century Christian States gone geocidal. I forgot. Honestly.

  11. GOT IT!@

    tHE IDEAL TOPIC ; The healing of third degree buttock brand bunrs incurred when Lady Murasaki hibachied our Cossack world traveller during a Japanese sado masochistic erotic encounter!

    Ukrainian-Canuck, whatever would we do without you!

    Hope we`ve beenhelpfull- good luck!

  12. QUOTE(insomniac199 @ Apr 8 2007, 10:24 AM)

    What's wrong with someone wanting clarification about something? OP could just be looking for clarification because he/she doesn't want to inadvertently screw it up and there's a known population of UBC and ex-UBC posters on this board. If they were looking for attention or something, there are a lot of better ways to do so...like whinin