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  1. I am heading down for a 2.5 week trip (18 days) as well! I am leaving from Vancouver > Seattle > Cascade mountains > Oregon coast > California and back up. It sounds like there are plenty of exciting attractions to go to. I hope you enjoy your trip!
  2. There must be record sales for rose coloured glasses this summer.
  3. This is fantastic, thank you!
  4. Come to Nanaimo, we only have an inch or so.
  5. Coming down pretty strong here in Nanaimo!
  6. happy canada day! best country on earth

  7. VIU is officially on strike... :(

  8. Lets go India and Canada! Imagine a final between these two (verrrrry unlikely).
  9. best storm watching day in tofino! HUGE swells

  10. Classes are cancelled! YAY!
  11. Ya its coming down pretty good here. Im very excited....
  12. Snowing in Nanaimo! Light flurries but the driveway has been covered in about 30 mins. yay!
  13. snowing in nanaimo!!!

  14. In Nanaimo we are expected to get A LOT of snow this coming week. I'm so excited!
  15. Watched Joe satriani last night, and the canucks on tv tonite, great weekend!