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  1. Pretty nice to have a solid night even though the gap is too much to overcome. Good to end on a high note for my team.
  2. It's maybe not entirely fair to move the goal posts so significantly on Desjardins (although they probably should have been closer to where they are now when they hired him) so yes that part is on management for sure. They hired a guy that is all about winning and expecting him to change his DNA and go completely the development route was clearly not going to happen from the get go. So yes, a certain amount of that is a scapegoat type situation (which I said from the moment he got fired and actually said even before he got fired that it would be). Having said that, when they changed the focus, his only job is to adjust and do what they wanted him to do. He struggled with that and it ultimately cost him his job. His stubbornness (that he himself admitted to a few times iirc) cost him because he couldn't let go of the only way forward that he saw, even after Benning publicly said he would. That never ends well for a coach when you don't adjust when you are told to. I dont think Willie is a terrible coach. I just think his weaknesses were severely magnified by this team as time went on. And he couldn't make the changes he needed to make to buy himself more time. I really think with a team where the veteran players are actually the top guys that he can lean on and he is integrating one or two quality young two way players, his style would work much better. I also think though that to be successful in the NHL he has to get much better at his lineup choices and his bench management. And he needs to learn to better adapt and make changes to both strategy and in game tactics in real time. Sticking with failed strategies or ineffective lineup decisions is a significant weakness he needs to learn to improve. Like I have said for years, the Canucks needed to be realistic about what was possible. Being playoff competitive beyond the first few months can look easier thanks to loser points. Realistically assessing your team is critical and I think big mistakes were made there. Its not all on Desjardins but he certainly didn't make it easy on himself or make their decision harder.
  3. I don't blame coaching for anything other than not prioritizing development over trying to squeak into the playoffs the last few years. In fact, I pretty much agree with everything you just posted there.
  4. I appreciate it but I don't think it's going to help my cause lol
  5. Again, that may certainly be the case. But we also don't know what he was promised to get his name on a contract or to keep him from bolting back to the KHL early on. Seems like a huge disconnect there. Teams like the Maple Leafs have made a joke of conditioning stints that them turn into full time demotions.
  6. The Olympic decision has likely had an impact too. It certainly created a divide. It is basically telling players to choose playing in the NHL or for their country. Russians especially highly value their ability to play for their country. For any players other than top guys, those like Tryamkin who are used more as depth players, that choice likely becomes easier. Lots of those guys could get an opportunity to play in the Olympics that would not be available if NHL players were going. Can't blame them much for that.
  7. Maybe. But for an organization that claims it honours contracts signed (and has given us the distinct advantage of being stuck with Edler for years as a result) it seems a bit hollow to villainize Tryamkin for simply demanding the team honor a contract they signed with him. I look at the AHL thing differently. Had he agreed to go it is very likely that would have been used against him should they want to permanently send him down. If he had gone to the AHL he very likely would have gotten stuck there until injuries forced them to use him. And would have given the Canucks the flexibility to call up others over him. I dont agree with the entitlement issue. But I strongly suspect some of that was rooted in promises made to get him to North America to begin with and then stay when he wasn't being played.
  8. Even with your homer schtick taken into account this is way over the line Apollo. The Canucks are definitely not blameless in this situation.
  9. It sounds like Desjardins stubbornness started the ball rolling. That doesn't mean he was solely to blame. I just think it's ridiculous not to take Tryamkin at his word that coaching was a key issue. Maybe he didn't feel like a different coach was going to change the atmosphere and opportunity for him in Van. After the last 5 years I can't imagine why any agent worth his salt would not look at this factor when it comes to the vet vs young guy mantra that Vancouver has been displaying.
  10. When he specifically negotiated a contract that gave him the ability to say no to the AHL.
  11. It's what happens when coaches try to make a player into their vision of him rather than utilize him to his strengths and let him comfortably grow as a player. The Canucks have a long history of doing this. Kassian was another one. And Virtanen. Willie was going down the same path with Goldobin and Boucher. Unless a player had both the strength of will to change their game and the ingrained key elements Willie was already looking for, they didn't progress but regressed under him.
  12. The coach was the one who decided that Larsen was a better option on his defense until injuries forced his hand. Tryamkin specifically cites that he had an issue with his ice time and communication from the coaching staff. So as much as you want to lay all the responsibility on anyone but Desjardins, he clearly started the ball rolling. It sounds like Tryamkin wanted to go back to Russia then and the Canucks somehow wouldn't let him. So maybe to keep him from leaving they promised him something much like they clearly did with how they got him over in the first place.Desjardins not being on board with that is very likely a key to the situation going south. Its not fair if Tryamkin to expect anything - unless he was promised something to get him to sign and stay. Which we don't know but reading between the lines certainly strongly hints at it.
  13. There is also such a thing as burning a bridge. Maybe Tryamkin felt that it was not Desjardins-specific. I mean they did try to send him to the AHL. I think all parties bear responsibility here.
  14. Could be just me but I think that might be tough.
  15. Did you read the quote from Tryamkin? Your love of Desjardins clearly clouds any role he had had in screwing up situations for the Canucks.