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  1. That's a fair point too but that will partially be offset by the natural upward progression of salaries over time. By the time those young players are negotiating those big contracts as core players the time value of money principle will certainly apply. In 4 years 10.5 mil per might not even be the biggest contract simply through inflationary pressures. Thats the positives to locking in long term deals at current dollars. As long as production remains reasonable it is relatively less costly toward the cap each year.
  2. I personally don't think any player is worth even 9 mil dollars on a cap of 71 mil. Not Stamkos or Kane or Toews or any other.  That doesn't change the fact that the economics of the game are what they are.  I think it is far less likely for a team to regret a big long term deal for Stamkos because of his age and his skill set. Both minimize the risk of a huge drop off. He is still pretty young after all compared to most UFA guys who signed those big contracts. I recognize Stamkos weaknesses but for a team in a situation like ours I just feel that 10.5 mil for him is certainly a better option than 15 mil for Burrows, Vrbata, Higgins, Prust, etc. All of those guys can be replaced by guys in our system for a fraction of the cost. It is never good to overpay needlessly. But based on need overpaying for Stamkos is at least somewhat palatable compared to what we normally overpay for. 
  3. [PGT] Canucks lose to Marlies 5-2

    Which one can't pass us is a better question. 
  4. [PGT] Canucks lose to Marlies 5-2

    Starting with you Desjardins. AGAIN. He is a woefully unprepared coach and our team is woefully unprepared to play. 
  5. [PGT] Canucks lose to Marlies 5-2

    Hamhuis: Phones Benning "Ya Jim, remember what I said about wanting to stay here?"   Benning: "Of course."   Hamhuis: "F that noise. Get on the phone and get me the F out of here."
  6. Oh look the kid line scores a goal
  7. Vey out 6 on 5 lol   drink up stealthnuck lol
  8. How long is Desjardins under contract for?  
  9. Don't do it man. Drinking that much is not good for you. Alcohol poisoning is not fun.
  10. Agreed. But they should start looking at a coaching change in the offseason. Desjardins is clearly not the right coach and is not learning from his mistakes. He needs to go.
  11. Sad when you find yourself wishing Gagliardi had won the lawsuit.....
  12. Lol ok Benning. Can you wake up now and realize this team needs a real rebuild?
  13. Desjardins is actually one of the biggest reasons I don't think Stamkos will sign here.
  14. I think coaching is a huge issue. But I am also starting to think that upper management is either delusional or is not given autonomy by the ownership.  I mean, does Benning really think this team getting trashed 4 straight by Chicago or Dallas in the first round (if on the long odds they actually make it) is better for our team than a high pick plus more in the top 50 picks from trading vets? DELUSIONAL
  15. Maybe Benning is keeping all these vets so we can get 1st overall pick....