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  1. LA should have nominated Budaj. Kept them in the thick of it all season long and gets the Royal kick in the nutsack for it. EDIT: I guess it has to be a current player. Lol. Still he deserves it for them imo.
  2. Strong night again for Tampa. 67 points including a sparkling 17.75 from Schwartz and another win for Allen. Nyquist, Foligno, Faulk, and Moulson all stepping up as well.
  3. Have to admit I laughed at this. +1 to you. Although CDC could not handle the 82-0 record and 16-0 playoff record if I was coach. I would have to pick my own assistants though. That's not negotiable. I would choose alfstonker, you, and oldnews. Just because I believe you need devils advocates to be truly effective. And bossing you guys around would be pretty awesome too. Can I be GM instead though? Then I can fire Willie
  4. MVP - Horvat or Miller Defenceman - Stecher or Sbisa Most Exciting - Horvat Unsung Hero - Granlund or Biega
  5. Boston and Tampa have both been battling hard and picking up some clutch points this week. Such an awesome photo finish for 2nd in our division.
  6. What say we actually find out what they are capable of? Because the alternative (the Sedins) are nowhere close to being those things anymore and aren't going to be again. Trying to artificially keep them in that role is far less likely to produce those elite level players we will need. This teamhas a long way to go to be elite level. The building blocks are starting to come together though so we may as well rip off the band aid and give them the ball to run with now. We literally have nothing to lose that we won't lose anyway by maintaining the status quo.
  7. I realize this is the approach being taken. I just think it's not actually a good approach nor is it helping our team at all.
  8. Baertschi/Horvat is already 2/3 of a really good line in all three zones and creates a lot of offensive opportunity. It also seems to work with any of several RW riding shotgun. Add in a guy like Boeser/Boucher/Goldobin or even a guy like Eriksson if they aren't ready right away and you have a very good first line imo.
  9. If he is looking at all those things, which ones does he think the young players are actually worse at than the Sedins/Edler? His evaluating skills are faulty if he sees on the ice that those vets are better options at this point. The Sedins are hands down the worst defensive forwards on the team at this point. They may stick to the system but they are too slow and ineffective to make that worth a positive vote from the coach. It seems far more likely that he is not using any objective evidence based analysis at all. He seems to just think they are better options so if he keeps using them there they will eventually prove him right. Relying on self fulfilling prophecies is not a sound coaching strategy at the NHL level especially after this much contradictory evidence.
  10. How did Stecher get injured?
  11. I think this is what frustrates a lot of people. Maybe Benning needs to clarify with Desjardins that "playing the kids" includes at key times in the game to give them the experience and also see how they respond to the pressure. Winning or losing the game is really secondary to that at this point. And doing it his way didn't get us the win anyway.
  12. They shouldn't have the choice. Their play - and the play of the young players - has already decided for them. Its obvious that what is driving this team now is the young players, not the vets - other than Miller. Continuing to stubbornly keep the Sedins as the go to guys when they are clearly struggling with it on both sides of the puck is just not a smart decision. Same with Edler and his usual 25 min per game. Scale it back and let those guys be more effective with less time. The kids are dynamic and are showing they deserve the reigns now, not 2 years from now.
  13. Is WD the only person left in Vancouver who doesn't see that Bo already did - even before Burrows and Hansen were gone?
  14. True story
  15. I think he could have actually. Because the points left on the table from bad deployment and strategy decisions could have reasonably had us in that discussion. Bowman would have already recognized who the true go to guys on this team are: and who they aren't.