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  1. [Report] Travis Hamonic on the trading block

    Why would Snow want that package? Hamhuis is a pending UFA who already showed teams last time that he will sign where he wants to not where he is traded to necessarily. Higgins is (apparently and very sadly) considered a Canuck for life by our management even though he shouldn't be. Every other western canadian team can and likely will offer a better package than that. It's hard to call that Benning going "all out" for Hamonic
  2. [PGT] Devils 3-2 Canucks

    Appollo does every day. In between calling it elite, a dynasty only held back by corrupt officiating, etc.  
  3. [PGT] Devils 3-2 Canucks

    Desjardins and his over reliance in and trust for grinders in key offensive roles and Benning and his complete lack of ability to 1) figure out that defenseman who can actually play defense are pretty important and 2) identify the difference between defenseman that should actually be in the top 6 rather than in a Euro beer league. Both are a good coach/gm respectively but their weaknesses - especially when combined - are seriously holding this team back. Benning needs to jettison some vets and get some d prospects (not waiver eligible next season lol) and picks for the upcoming draft where d should be the priority. We have no right to be in the playoffs especially with this defense which is easily one of the worst 8 man defense corps in the entire NHL. I can't think of many teams that I wouldn't trade our d group for theirs straight across. Vrbata, Hamhuis, Miller, and Higgins should all be traded. I would even be ok if Burrows went just to clear the air of league hatred around us.  This team needs Travis Hamonic in addition to Tanev and Sbisa. I would trade Edler for him no questions asked if that was on the table. Get rid of Bartkowski and Weber for a true pp qb (a top 2 quality guy would be nice) and a big stay at home type for the 3rd pairing with Hutton. Offensive dman-Hamonic Sbisa-Tanev Hutton-Stay at home guy with size That is how we need to structure our d. Size and physical play, defensive awareness, and some offensive ability on each pair. No easy task of course. 
  4. [GDT] New Jersey Devils VS. Vancouver Canucks, Nov 22, 7:00 PM

    Neither is defense, offense, physical play, etc  Our defense is flat out brutal. 
  5. [PGT] Nux 6-3 Hawks. Hat gate game

    So awesome lol
  6. CDC Puck 2015/2016 (1 GM Position)

    Disappointing that my free agent offers were not even read let alone responded to before players signed.
  7. Discussion: Baertschi losing favour with Willie

    Again, not everything lives at the extremes. Coaches - like all people in any walk of life - have weaknesses and strengths. Suggesting they have those weaknesses do not mean they are terrible coaches just like ignoring them does not mean they are perfect coaches.
  8. Discussion: Baertschi losing favour with Willie

    The Canucks do have a terrible team next to Chicago. I will give you that. They have also had terrible management, scouting, etc for many years too. They were a dominant team in 2011. Had our management traded some of those older players for young players and picks 3 or 4 years ago we would probably be a very good team again already.  But if I am being honest I truly believe that some of the young guys (Baertschi being one of them) have actually been better defensively than some of the vets and can be relied on at both ends. The Oilers "sky is falling" comparison is so tired though. Not everything is always at the extreme. Playing guys like McCann and Baertschi more than 9 min per game and putting them on the top PP unit (considering its current incarnation regularly loses us games by not being able to score and giving up shg) is not throwing them to the wolves or anything that will overwhelm them or ruin their development. It is called adjusting as a coach and putting the players who are getting it done out there in situations where you need to get it done. Those two players especially need to be used on the top pp even just to see if they can convert some chances. Show faith in them and if they don't help we are literally no worse off than we are now.
  9. CDC Puck 2015/2016 (1 GM Position)

    Ottawa waives D Jay Harrison with the intention of sending him to our minor league team if he clears.
  10. Discussion: Baertschi losing favour with Willie

    Almost all teams are going through that same process continuously. Some teams choose to put their skilled young players in offensive roles (Chicago as one) and it's funny how using a young player to his strengths instead of trying to make him something that he is not actually reduces their learning curve. The best coaches and teams don't try to create all players being equal two way types. They use players in ways that take advantage of their strengths and limit the impact of their weaknesses. That's the difference between a good coach and a great coach imo. I disagree though. I think this team would win as many if not more games relying on the young players more and reducing the reliance on the vets a bit. How big of a difference has our terribly ineffective pp made at the end of the day as one example? Short handed goals against and limited pp goals along with almost a momentum killing pace? How could inserting a young player or two really be worse than that?
  11. Discussion: Baertschi losing favour with Willie

    Then you obviously know little about coaching specifically or motivating people in general. Accountability when implemented properly can be the foundation of a strong team or group. If it is not applied fairly though it can be a real dividing factor. That is basically common sense. Based on what I have seen the application of accountability based on different standards (either publicly, privately, or through no change to a certain players role or ice time despite play) has not been a benefit to this team over the years. AV was bad for it, Torts was bad for it (in the opposite way), and now Willie is bad for it the AV way again. Not many people actually respond well to being publicly shamed, despite what the older generation of coaches might think. And most of the time it is not really being done to motivate them as much as to distract from the real issues that are going on. If you think about it, that is also common sense. In the case of Willie it seems to happen a lot when a coaching decision like shortening the bench costs us a game.   And actually, for the record, I always said that Kassian - like every other player on the team - should be accountable.  My only issue with the situation was exactly what I am talking about now. Inconsistent standards of accountability among the different groups of players. 
  12. CDC Puck 2015/2016 (1 GM Position)

    lol He had pre set Ottawas roster for a week or so before I took them over. 
  13. Discussion: Baertschi losing favour with Willie

    I don't expect perfection. If you read what I wrote you will see that. What I expect - like I would with my children - is that the coach and the vets would actually learn from their mistakes. If you have watched Canucks hockey for the past 4 years and suggest they are doing so then we will have to agree to disagree.  But lets keep using 2011 as an excuse not to hold vets accountable. While we are at it, let's add some context that you conveniently omit from your "they almost win a cup so they should get a free pass for life" argument. They have had one good playoff run (after almost choking away a 3-0 lead against Chicago) throughout the entire life span of this core group. And they got shut out in game 7 of the SCF at home (and looked terrible doing it) after blowing a 3-2 series lead. Every other playoff performance has ranged from mediocre to downright choking. History clearly shows a core group that can't elevate their game and get it done in the playoffs. It blows me away that anyone still tries to refute that point. If accountability doesn't apply to all, it is essentially useless. As we have seen for years here.  And do you disagree with a coach calling out ALL players in the media? Or just certain ones because I remember you being right on board with Desjardins calling out Kassian publicly last year. Like Willie, it seems you have different standards as to what is acceptable based on youth or vets. I don't care if he thinks that is the way to motivate players (I personally disagree that any player benefits from it but it is his call) but again if he does it to one he should do it to all. Otherwise it looks exactly like what it is.
  14. Discussion: Baertschi losing favour with Willie

    Who was it that said, "This isn't a try league. This is a get it done league"? The reality is that yes they should have their minutes reduced when they show they can no longer do the job consistently. That is just the nature of the beast in pro sports. Which in your mind is worse? A rookie making a mistake for the first few times or a vet making the same mistakes for years on end? If the vets were not making the same mistakes over and over again you may have a point. How many times has Edler drop passed to a goal against us over the years? How many times have the Sedins passed the puck when they should have shot on the PP or 5 on 5? It is the lack of learning from mistakes that frustrates me not making a mistake itself because all players do. As for different approaches to players why is it that I have not heard him publicly call out a vet player on this team when their play has cost us a game? Why haven't I seen a press box trip for any of them to "wake them up". Have they all played flawlessly since he took over as coach? The reality is that he either doesn't see how badly they play at times or he does and just ignores it. Neither inspires much confidence. He has no issue doing so to several rookies almost every game. The standard is as I said. One for vets and one for young players. I find that unacceptable from an NHL coach. It also explains why this group cannot get it done when push comes to shove. The vets know they will never lose their cushy roles no matter how badly they play. Desjardins seems to coach scared a lot of the time. Won't rock the boat of the vets at all. Won't try anything outside the box to get things turned around. He just waits and throws away games and valuable points waiting for them to turn themselves around. That doesn't work in the playoffs as we have seen for several years and especially saw last year against Calgary.
  15. Discussion: Baertschi losing favour with Willie

    It's too bad he cannot recognize and "punish" bad habits in the vets too because some of the bad habits have been there for years. I don't think the problem with Desjardins is his approach to young players. It is that his standards on things like defensive play, working hard, and playing a two way game and the accountability if they don't do not apply to the vets in the same way.