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  1. Detroit's forward depth looks so bad, we should be able to win this one as long as we play tight defensively.
  2. Do we not have a better option other than MacIntyre?! The only thing I remember about him was getting lit up in the preseason lol
  3. bu but he intimidates people on the forecheck! - calgarypuck
  4. i hate the phlegms more than any team in the league lol
  5. Cam Talbot 1st shot = goal Treleving thought he was smarter than everyone else trading Neal for Lucic and signing ex oilers in Reider and Talbot hoping for bounce back years from those guys so he can look like a genius, but so far its blowing in his face. I love it.
  6. anyone know if the game was sold out last night? it looked packed and had a great atmosphere.
  7. Sutter looked like a playmaker tonight! lol i just like this new emote
  8. we're going to be a pain in the ass in the playoffs. we have a heavy ass team Blues style.
  9. we lost the first two games because Bo didn't have a C on his chest.
  10. I was kidding when i said we would score 2 games worth of goals tonight.