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  1. the majority of these eastern base 'analysts' don't know this team. how could they predict us going dead last when we made some good additions to the lineup. Out: Higgins (AHL), Vey (AHL) Bartkowski (AHL) Vrbata (washed up) Weber... In: Gudbranson (top 4) Rodin (Swedish Elite League MVP) Larsen was one of the top scorers in the KHL, Eriksson (Sedins gold medal linemate) Beartschi, Horvat, Hutton and Virtanen a year older, added more youth in Gaunce. it was disrespectful to have the Canucks at the bottom while the Sedins are still here. It's nice seeing these so called analysts eat their words.
  2. Hopefully they're going to let Marky play till he losses a game cause he's on fiyah right now. and i have a feeling Eriksson will score in this game. 4-2 Canucks
  3. Ferklund got the green light from the refs to charge every single Canuck in that series.
  4. in for Skille then, we need his physicality for the Cali teams.
  5. I think it's time for Virtanen to slot back in the lineup for Burrows or Skille. Burrows was preety invisible.
  6. play Marky while he's hot then play Miller on the b2b.
  7. our defence looks so much better not having Weber and Bartkowski in it.
  8. he's a hybrid of both with better fighting skills.
  10. oh boy too many men penalty... you know thats us lol
  11. i aint even mad at that penalty