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  1. Been listening to cowgary lames radio for the past hour, and I've been impressed at how they were able to talk about every playoff series except ours haha
  2. Anyone see Lebrun's latest tweet comparing this Canuck team to the 09/10 Hawks team? Inject it into my vienssss
  3. speaking of Albertan homers, i checked the Lames and Soils reporters twitters and not a single mention of tonights game or the win hahaha bitter Albertans.
  4. the St.Louis Blows are playing the physical game because they can't hang with us offensively. hopefully Tofu comes back for this series so we can put the Blows away in 4.
  5. Kelly Rhudey looks sad af. he was all smiles showing the clip of Hughes getting mugged earlier.
  6. at one point in this series, MacEwen needs to beat the $&!# out of Perron. preferably when we're up by a couple of goals.