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  1. i dont know if im more pissed at the cops, or the reporter for confusing the f out of them.
  2. what a deceptive photo. im no photo expert, but the cop clearly isnt pointing at the man with the kid. look at where is eyes are, hes not even looking at the guy...
  4. there's not a lot of social distancing with all these riots in America and the protest happening right now in Toronto.
  5. china to rescue the world. lets all say thank you china.
  6. Tanzania gave samples of different things to the lab for testing and gave them human names... they all came back with coronavirus.
  7. there is literally medical proof of his rotator cuff surgery, if you don't believe that then you're in denial. Manny a sore loser? that's the first time i've heard that... ever. Nevada also denied Pac for a numbing cream to freeze his injured shoulder. Froid got caught with a banned IV fluid before the fight and knew about Pac's rotator cuff injury and still wouldn't trade with him. Even with all that, it was a draw AT BEST. Other HOF boxers like Holyfield and Tyson didn't think Mayweather won. Floid never 'whipped' Pacquaio in that fight, in fact it was the opposite. the injured smaller Pac was chasing a healthy bigger Mayweather around the ring. don't even get me started with the compubox, it was rigged and was debunked already. Pac landed more shots that he was credited for. anyways... he's retired and hasn't been relevant since he paid a flyweight japanese kickboxer to take a dive in a joke exhibition 'fight' in Japan... meanwhile, Pac at 41 has a belt defeating an undefeated Thurman, and now has Crawford as a potential fight next (according to Arum).
  8. when did this happen? that fight was a sparring borefest with Froid running away from a 1 armed Pacquiao.
  9. hfboards had a poll on which non Cup winning team is the best in the past decade or something, and the 2011 Canuck team didn't get much love... as expected since its hfboards afterall. but imo, that 2011 team was (if not) the most dominant team in the cap era. we had grit, size, skill, 1a 1b goaltending tandem, depth you name it that team had it. i remember watching games where we would be down 2-3 in the 3rd and i always felt we could come back (and they did most times) and get a point out of it. a healthy 2011 team was unstoppable, the Ruins needed 7 games and the refs to beat a shell of our team in the finals!!
  10. where is the best place to buy prebuilt gaming desktops other than Best Buy? 

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    2. Trebreh




      i don't know which parts to buy and whats compatible etc.


      but i want to make a build around a rtx 2060 super or 5700 xt... which ever is cheaper lol

    3. King Heffy

      King Heffy


      Helpful community too.

    4. diesel_3


      What King Heffy said. I actually built my new computer while watching a YouTube video on my old desktop on how to build one. Step by step videos made for idiots like me when it comes to that stuff. Pressed the power button and it worked, just don't forget to install your ethernet drivers (my only mistake!).