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  1. Edler has played some of his most physical hockey when we had toughness all over the lineup. He plays better overall when he's physical. JB must re-sign Pedan, i know he is probably an 7th defenceman and AHL call up at best but we need someone like him in the system. This team is softer than a wet napkin, we can't aford to lose him. we are injecting more youth to this team and they need protection from teams like EDM and CAL who likes to play dirty when the score gets out of hand, we will need an answer. I like Dorsett but i don't think how effective he will be after his neck surgery playing the role he plays.. I like the idea of getting Peluso as a replacement. candidates for JB to target in the off-season for size and toughness: Ross Johntston (NYI), Marcus Foligno (could be our Maroon).
  2. LaBate might as well go back to the locker room and change, he will not get another shift from willie d lol
  3. Tanev needs to beat up Tanev for injuring Stech
  4. what a great story. now i kinda want Buff to score...
  5. I hope JB will do something bold and get another pick in the top 10 if Glass is still available. Then use pick to get Vilardi and we're set!
  6. he's got some preety nice stats, get on it JB!
  7. Koivu was lucky, he was about to catch them hands from Daniel if the cavalry didn't arrive.