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  1. injury riddled Ducks and Knights team = 4 points that got away......
  2. the expansion team are passing better than us
  3. you just know if they Soils are in the lottery that the league will give them Dahlin lol
  4. hopefully they have learned from the Ducks game not to take opponents lightly... It doesn't look like Subban will start tonight so that means Dylan Ferguson might start... please don't make him look like a prime Patrick Roy tonight! I want this game to be over quickly and cruise to an easy win. 5-1 Canucks
  5. [Report] Luke Witkowski suspended 10 games

    it looks badass though, i wouldn't mind having a $&!# disturber like him on the team. trade Labate for him or something and call him up vs calgary just to troll them. lol
  6. TSN finally showing some respect with "Core 4" rating

    I think we would be ranked higher if they included the talent that will surround the core players. We have Dahlen, Gaudette, Lind, Gadjovich, Goldobin, and good depth players like Beartschi, Granlund and Virtanen to round out our foward group. I don't think scoring will be a problem in the future.
  7. how can they resist that proposal, Breezebwah, Gagner... throw in Chapoo for that extra French flavour
  8. [GDT] Around the NHL | November (12-18) 2017

    The best part about the Hamonic trade is, the lames don't have picks for the first two rounds of a deep draft year hahaha
  9. As long as no picks from us are involved... Hutton + Burmistrov + Gagner (French last name!) For Galchenyuk Galchenyuk - Horvat - Boeser D.Sedin - H.Sedin - Eriksson Beartschi - Sutter - Granlund Vanek - Gaunce - Dorsett Pouliot - Tanev Edler - Stecher Del Zotto - Gudbranson That looks sexyyyy