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  1. exactly... he's a gentle giant.. which is disappointing considering he's 6'4, 232bls..
  2. Sign Yak and have Bure give a motivational speech to him lol
  3. Peluso incoming?
  4. Honestly i kinda had a feeling he liked Vancouver even when he was with the Oil because he idolized Bure growing up. Sign him to a cheap 1-2 year deal. Low risk very high reward (if he finds his game again).
  5. we should sign Peluso to a 1 year deal, just in case Dorsett re-injures his neck.
  6. Really like the Gadjovich pick!

    1. Alflives


      Me too.  Love him and picks 5 and 33, but 55 might be the steal of this draft.  The kid is big, tough, and scores.  

  7. in terms of hitting they are equal they both hit to hurt. Fighting head to head they are even with a slight edge to Peluso. He can also skate well for his size and can put up Reaves number if healthy. Younger, bigger, meaner and cheaper and you dont have to give up a late first for him. Klim Kostin for Reaves ouch. Peluso 5 points in 35 games Reaves 13 points in 81 games
  8. Sportsnets coverage suckk.. did they even talked about the prospects that we drafted?
  9. oo great, by the time i wake up it will be done
  10. Tkatchuk and ferklund will play a lot different next season now that Englelland is gone.
  11. what time does round 2 start tomorrow?
  12. meh we can get Peluso for free on July 1st.
  13. is Gretzky part of the Oils management team now or what?
  14. Horvat has made it peeps! prospects are being compared to Bo now