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  1. JB should announce that Tanev is on the block at the draft to get a bidding war.
  2. Kapanen and the 17th for Tanev
  3. is the leafs 1st in the 15-20 range?
  4. Williams undefeated game 7s streak is over with the Caps lol
  5. not a big deal but wtf would you offer this to a hated rivals fans? why not Ottawa fans instead where an ex Canuck is playing?
  6. I'm hoping he becomes an pest and agitator like Roussel and i'd like to see them sign Peluso for the enforcer role if they are looking for one.
  7. i was just gonna say that haha! best captain ever and he's only 20 years old! wow
  8. They might even have Gretzky to give his opinion on the tying goal lol
  9. ikr! the main reason he has a stanley cup ring is because the refs decided not to call penalties on the bRuins in the SCF after game 2....
  10. i only hated him cause of the hit that injured Hamhuis... but he's with the Stars now so that hate is gone lol.
  11. they even did a story on the news about that. lol
  12. is Gretzky getting paid to appear in all of the oils playoff games or something? lol