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  1. if they don't absolutely annihilate the Rags tomorrow ill be disappointed. 6-0 Canucks Petey breaks out and score all 6 goals.
  2. why isn't Lucy fighting someone to give the Lames a spark? Roodey looks so depressed.
  3. frustrating game to watch! and i don't even think we took them lightly too, we were the much better team imo. this was such a Canuck story line. Hughes vs Hughes and Jack gets the only goal in a 1-0 borefest, shut out by terrible Devils team with a terrible goaltender that couldn't stop a beach ball prior to this game. Petey and Bo needs to be better if we're going to be a serious playoff team. Petey keeps falling down and trying to score the perfect goal, he needs to work on his balance and battle level. Bo on the other hand seems to be dragging down Leivo and Pearson when they are cycling. Green should consider splitting Brock and Petey cause they are both struggling and trying to find each other way too much. Great performance by Demko that was wasted, this should've been an ez two points if our PP didnt suck. why do they take so many damn point shots on the PP? we are outnumbering them but instead of getting closer to the net for a quick bang bang play, we take a 40+ foot shot from the blueline?! insanity. they better pound the Rangers tomorrow, dont let these bad teams hang around.
  4. we have 3 very winnable games coming up next, we could be 7-2 when they get back home!
  5. the thing that i love about our effort so far is our top line (mostly Brock and Petey) haven't really clicked 100% yet. Ferland and Leivo also hasn't gotten going yet so it's very exciting to imagine what this team will look like when they are all clicking.
  6. Schaller getting in on the act as well! :D love it Myers and Ferland effect.
  7. you know Edler is feeling confident when he's hitting again. that reverse hit was prime Eddy
  8. nice to see Myers using his size, Guddy would've just given Erne a mean look lol
  9. Detroit's forward depth looks so bad, we should be able to win this one as long as we play tight defensively.
  10. Do we not have a better option other than MacIntyre?! The only thing I remember about him was getting lit up in the preseason lol
  11. bu but he intimidates people on the forecheck! - calgarypuck
  12. i hate the phlegms more than any team in the league lol
  13. Cam Talbot 1st shot = goal Treleving thought he was smarter than everyone else trading Neal for Lucic and signing ex oilers in Reider and Talbot hoping for bounce back years from those guys so he can look like a genius, but so far its blowing in his face. I love it.
  14. anyone know if the game was sold out last night? it looked packed and had a great atmosphere.
  15. Sutter looked like a playmaker tonight! lol i just like this new emote
  16. we're going to be a pain in the ass in the playoffs. we have a heavy ass team Blues style.