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  1. yes he's a little puke i cant stand his whiny face. he's got a reputation around the league now which is good. remember how fLame fans constantly whined about us having a soft diving team? well karma bit their asses hard LOL their players are not good enough. Giordano is done, he played his best hockey in his career and was completely invisible. Smith is like 38 and Rittich is a huge question mark. calgary fans are also turning on their golden child Ratchuk, who was a non factor after game 1 hahaha. i know flames fans envy our core players, they see Petey/Brock/Bo/Quinn/Demko and they have no answer for this in the future.
  2. team me how to Dougie Hamilton is still in the playoffs while the Lames will be cleaning their lockers soon hahaha
  3. dont even compare the 2012 Canucks team to these flems. Keith took out Daniel just before the playoffs, we had a legit excuse and we eventually lost to the stanley cup winner. the Lames are healthy and got bodied by the 2nd wild card team LOL
  4. i hope your right Cassie, i hope you're right. 6 year 7m dollar contract extension pls
  5. every GM would except the Lame fans over at CP. they try and act like Bo is just a 3rd line checker.
  6. you just know Smith is just waiting to throw his team under the bus post game show.
  7. 50+ shots in like 3 games? what happened to the best defence in the league?
  8. imagine making fun of the Sedins for over a decade, only to have your team be led by boring Monahan and little Goodrow LOL
  9. i left when the Lames maide it 2-0 but look what we have here hahahahaha choookkee
  10. lol Lame fans shouldn't be too surprised by their performance, they have a history of 1st round chokage